Ring in 2012

Well here we go, it’s a whole new year and we’re just getting around to the first blog post at the barracks. This one comes from the Atlanta district as the whole crew was down here for a few weekend while Ace on the job. Turns out it was a civil matter, so the Sheriff’s services were not required. The Sheriff and the Joker did get to watch the AFC title game with the aunt and the $ This was great fun and they were great hosts!

Before the crew’s trip to the south, January proved to be quite eventful with mile weather and busy workplaces for bother Joker and Ace. Joker was down in Orlando for a week to see the mouse and the duck, Ace had to work more than a few double shifts. Through it all the support structure around the barracks was there to help out with the Sheriff.

Also, the Sheriff has a new deputy out of the London barracks, she’s across the pond so there shouldn’t be too many battles over jurisdiction, at least for now. Here, she is, from London, it’s the Sheriff’s cousin, a beautiful baby gril, I think we’ll call her Ms. M for now…

Some videos

Ace and Joker have been slacking on posting to the blog this week, the Sheriff has been keeping them quite busy.  So this will be short.  Ace ventured out on Sunday for the first time since we had some help with Aunt S$ in town, didn’t last long but long enough to pose for this nice picture.

Here are some videos of the Sheriff from the past few days, taken using the flip, which is so very handy.

Here is the sheriff getting ready for her first bath at home, Ace is practicing what she learned in class…

Ace giving the Sheriff a post bath pep talk

The Sheriff’s Aunt S$ was in town over the weekend

The Sheriff’s great Aunt and one of her namesakes’ also came for a visit

Aunt S$ and Joker try and get the Sheriff into the fancy stroller Joker’s boss recommended.


The Sheriff got a visit from her grandparents and even 2 of her great grandparents in the hospital over the past few days. She was very good with all of them, some even had a hard time keeping her awake! Here are some pictures.

4 Generations of Barons

Dziaj and the Sheriff

Babci comes to town

Grandpa couldn’t wait to hold the Sheriff

Babs getting in some cuddle time

How to take a bath

Joker and Ace just went back to school and learned how to take a bath. Well more how to wash the Sheriff. The title kind of sounds like the latest chic lit book or the subtitle of a sex and the city sequel. Anyway, the class was interesting and some good pointers ( don’t make it a 1 hour ordeal, make it quick ). The sheriff was dropped off at the nursery before school where they put a shirt on her because Joker dropped her off topless. Whoops. The ladies in the nursery all found this funny. Class is over and the Sheriff is sound asleep so she stayed with her new friends while ace gets some rest and heals. All is well in Newton.

A Lucky Day 3/2/2011

Ace and Joker are extraordinarily happy to announce the Sheriff’s arrival in town!!  A couple weeks late but that is OK.  She made it here with a little help from her friends in the pharmaceutical industry, to whom Ace is very grateful.

The Sheriff is a very cute little deputy — weighing in at 8 pounds 9 ounces with a nice full head of hair and chubby cheeks.  She already has assumed her duties and has completely taken over Ace and Joker’s hearts.

Here are a couple pictures from her birthday.

Bags are packed and ready to go...

Late night ride to Newton, how many hospitals have we passed?

Ace ready to give birth, Joker by her side!

The whiteboard, nurse Barbara was the best! and she's married to a polish guy!

The Sheriff is here - 8lbs 9oz

Look at me smile 🙂

Ace and the Sheriff

Doesn't Joker look good and scrubs? The Sheriff is pretty cute too!

Ace holding her baby girl

The Sheriff and her dad...they make a good team!

The Sheriff reports that she thinks that Ace and Joker are nice so far, they haven’t dropped her, and she is ready to be spoiled by her grandparents — Babci and Dzia (aka the Coach) and Babs and Grandpa (aka Ken Tomko)!  The Sheriff wants to give a shout out to the amazing doctors and nurses at NWH for their great care today.  She can’t wait to get settled into the Southie barracks with Ace and Joker, and will report frequently on the family blog.

and we’re off

We’re off to Newton to see if these intermittent pains Ace is experiencing is the new sheriff in town or just bad gas.  It’s about time we got a new sheriff in town so hopefully it’s the start of something great…more (much more) to come!

Birthing mix

You know you’re dealing with a legit operation when they have a Bose Radio in the room.  Joker was a road warrior for a few years there in the early 2000’s and all the decent hotels always had a Bose radio right there next to the bed.  The Hampton Inn in Columbus, IN did not, and Joker spent 6 quality months there on the side of I-65.  The Park Hyatt in Sydney did, and Ace and Joker spent 3 quality nights there on their honeymoon.  Anyway on to the Sheriff…

During our birthing class / hospital tour the instructor showed us that each room had a Bose Radio in it, so Ace thought it would be a good idea to come up with a birthing mix.  Now this isn’t a very common thing, and it’s the only real thing on Ace’s birthing plan aside from painkillers.  With Ace being a low maintenance mom to be, Joker indulged her.  Ace does not have the best taste in music, so Joker has made a few additions, but no subtractions…let’s just say don’t blame him for anything by Lifehouse, Train, Nickleback, or Augustana

Now that’s you’re fully intrigued, here is the 69 item song list for your viewing pleasure.  It’s 4.7 hours of musical fun:

  • Yesterday – The Beatles
  • I’m Shipping Up to Boston – Dropkick Murphys
  • Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash
  • (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding Read the rest of this entry »

Talking through a belly

Everyone tells Joker that he has such a deep voice and that he’s going to scare the baby, then yesterday Ace’s mom was in town (Babci) and she said that the Sheriff has probably gotten used to Joker’s deep voice by now.  It’s tough to say, usually babies are afraid of Joker when they first meet him, but Joker will be the one of the first people the Sheriff meets, so will she really know anything different?  Probably not, here’ s some video of Ace giving the Sheriff a pep talk…

Hangin’ round downtown by myself

Joker has been singing this line in the shower lately, with extra emphasis on the “down-town” It makes Ace laugh uncontrollably so that’s good. Ace is very close to the big day, all that we have left to do is wonder when the sheriff is going to join us. They say singing to new babies is good, so this is good practice for Joker.

8 Days and Counting

So we’ve got 8 days to go.  Joker has a list that is getting shorter, Ace has 2 more days in the office, then she’s “working from home” until the big day.  Today in Ace’s office they’ve declared it a holiday in her honor, which means all of the work crew (not the partners) are meeting up at a bar.  Joker’s worried that ace isn’t going to know what to do with herself at home, but soon enough the sheriff will be here and Ace will be plenty busy.  She’s got plenty of Bachelor to watch on the DVR..