Happy Spitter

Well, it’s been awhile. No surprise there. Ace and Joker have settled into their lives as parents of the little Sheriff and are loving it. And since the Sheriff no longer sleeps 20 hours a day, Ace and Joker are left with significantly less time to work on the family blog (or the Honey Do lists around the house for that matter!)

So, the Sheriff ain’t so little anymore. She is growing like a weed and is already just as big as 5 month olds in her playgroup! At her one month doctor visit, she was in the 97th percentile for length. Again, no surprise there.

Along with laughing, smiling, babbling, and snorting, the Sheriff has proven herself to be a champion spitter. Thankfully, she is a happy spitter and is not phased by when, where, or how much she spits up. This little lady does not discriminate. Her favorite spit up locations include down Ace’s shirt, on Ace’s jeans, under the couch, on the couch, in the buckle of her car seat, in the tub, and of course in her hair…right after getting out of the tub! Ace is onto the Sheriff though and has strategically placed burp cloths within an arms reach of any of the Sheriff’s favorite hide outs. Keeping the Sheriff dry surely is a challenge every day but it is one Ace and Joker wouldn’t trade for the world!

On the Move

The Sheriff is surely on the move these days, in more ways than one. She is getting out and about with Ace at least once a day for walks, errands, play group, visits, and of course trips to Dunkin Donuts (where Ace is quite psyched that the afternoon drive thru staff now know her). This week the Sheriff took her first trip to Maine to see Babs and Grandpa, had a date with Baby Fitz, met her cousins for the first time in Webster at AD’s, took her first trip to the south shore to visit the Limo Lady, had pizza with Claire Bear, made new friends at playgroup, had Aunt Kate over for dinner, hit the Back Bay to see Auntie Dupree and have a burrito outside with Ace and Joker on Newbury Street, dropped Joker off at Fenway for his Red Sox debut, stopped over on the West Side to see Kelly & Juan and collect more gifts, and had a quick bite at her favorite sandwich shop — Panera — with the Editor (who is ensuring that the Sheriff does not one day consume rancid cafeteria food). No rest for the weary!

Though Auntie Steph got the buzz out about the Sheriff as a recruiting prospect in 2029 at the Women’s NCAA bball tournament this week, the Sheriff kicks her little legs like a champion soccer player. And she has taken to wiggling her little body in a 90 degree angle in her bassinet, hands always above her head, and a variety of snorting, babbling, and otherwise amusing noises coming from her. Like her parents, the Sheriff definitely has a hard time sitting still!