California Girl

Ace and Joker are never afraid of a challenge…particularly when it involves sun, sand, wedding cake, and 80s cover bands.  Having debated the propriety of taking a 2 month old on a cross country flight ad nauseum, Ace and Joker decided to take the plunge and bring the Sheriff on her first airplane ride to California.  Although Ace would break out in a cold sweat just thinking about how powerful the Sheriff’s little lungs are and how every passenger would scowl at her when the Sheriff wailed away for hours on end, the Sheriff came through like a champ and cried only for about 3 of the 713 minutes she was in the air.  Where a one year old screamed the whole flight home, the Sheriff was the most loved baby on the plane!  One passenger even told Ace and Joker that she was so well behaved that she is destined for Harvard; Ace corrected him and said Bowdoin 🙂

Once they got to sunny California, the traveling trio enjoyed some relaxing time by the pool, delicious dinners out, a day trip to Manhattan beach, a lovely wedding, and some shopping at Ace’s favorite mall across the street from their hotel.  On one of her multiple trips to the mall, Ace was dumbfounded when she was stopped by a motorcycle cop for crossing the street while in a cross walk and when there was not a car in sight for miles!  Where she’s from — a flashing white man or not — that is a perfectly acceptable pedestrian practice.  Nonetheless, the Sheriff flashed her badge and Ponch — who clearly had nothing better to do with his time — went on his way without any further bother.  But not before Joker rolled up in his rented Caddy and witnessed the whole thing!  Ace will have a hard time living that one down for a while.

All in all, a great trip was had by all out west!  Can’t wait for the next adventure.