The Grey Baby

The month of September has been filled with a lot of firsts for the little Sheriff. With Ace back to work, the Sheriff and the Nanny have been getting to know each other and are developing a good working relationship! The Nanny has managed to get the Sheriff on a regular morning nap schedule — something Ace never really was able to do — and she has introduced the Sheriff to some new playmates from the Back Bay. The Nanny also has started speaking to the Sheriff in Spanish — soon enough Ace and Joker are going to have a bilingual baby on board! The Sheriff and the Nanny are frequent travelers on the T all around town, and even made a quick visit to Fanueil Hall so Ace could get a quick Sheriff fix during working hours. What a treat!

Ace also had her first taste of single motherhood this month as Joker took off for a week long trip to India.  With a little extra help from Babci, Babs and Grandpa and some understanding colleagues, Ace and the Sheriff made it through.  The Sheriff is learning at a young age that when the Joker goes overseas, she can expect a nice gift or two upon his return!

September also brought the Sheriff’s first swim lessons, which thankfully she did not have to make use of on her first ferry ride over to Nantucket to visit Auntie Dupree. The Sheriff and the Foxy Baby ruled the island of the Grey Lady last weekend, and the Bowdoin besties didn’t even get carded when they showed up for an afternoon at Cisco Brewery — one of Joker’s favorite places! The Sheriff had a great time lunching with the ladies and riding around on the cobblestones. Thankfully she did not have to rescue the Foxy Baby from her sleeping quarters — a sweater drawer! Auntie Dupree, as always, was the hostess with the mostess, and the Sheriff even got a cute ACK sweater to commemorate her maiden voyage. The Sheriff already has made reservations at “Fogdin” for her annual pilgrimmage to the Rock next year!

Odd Numbered Years

While Ace prepares to return to the work barracks, Kleenex stock price is up and stock is down. Chris the UPS Man and Pat the Neighbor are going to have to get by without regular doses of Ace and the Sheriff to brighten their days, and Ace is going to have to get used to high heels again and not wearing her hair in a ponytail everyday, not to mention leaving the house without her very precious cargo.

The last six months have been the best ever for Ace and Joker.  They have welcomed their new roommate at the Southie barracks and watched her grow into a happy, energetic, determined little person. Ace always says that odd numbered years are good to her and so far 2011 has been amazing (Ace clearly is a loyal Bachelor fan). During her time as a SAHM, the Sheriff and Ace have walked miles around Castle Island, bonded with the neighbors and the Dunkin Donuts staff, sang and danced to all songs Zac Brown, had playdates galore, and logged thousands of miles in the ol’ SBARON visiting friends and family — with only one minor warning from a nice trooper at the Logan Fast Lane tolls (who goes 15mph through those anyways?)

At her six month birthday, the Sheriff’s accomplishments include:  crawling, sitting up, drooling, laughing, eating paper, pulling herself up, sticking her tongue out, piano banging, walking with assistance, admiring herself in the mirror, sleeping til 6am, the beach, and eating out (a lot!).  This summer she hardly wore the same outfit twice thanks to Auntie, worked on the railroad with Babs and Grandpa, and brought Aunts K and M out of their nanny retirements multiple times. She also loved seeing Babci, Dziadz, her great grandparents and all of Team Sherry on Tuesdays in Webster.  Next summer, she looks forward to wearing a real bathing suit, and getting more sunlight (with sunscreen of course!).

The Sheriff loves hanging out on Joker’s shoulders and she is an accomplished yoddler at 6am, aka the Southie Screamer.  She turns into the Drakes Island Drooler at the Maine line.  Demonstrating her tenacity, she survived her first (minor) car accident on the day of her four month shots.  Ace tried to have the careless, rear-ending driver thrown in the slammer, but the Sheriff refused to turn over the jailhouse keys!

As Ace goes back to work in a couple days, she is grateful for how lucky she has been, and she knows that the Sheriff will be in great hands at the Southie barracks.  She knows the Sheriff will be OK.  Ace just hopes that she is too…