Ring in 2012

Well here we go, it’s a whole new year and we’re just getting around to the first blog post at the barracks. This one comes from the Atlanta district as the whole crew was down here for a few weekend while Ace on the job. Turns out it was a civil matter, so the Sheriff’s services were not required. The Sheriff and the Joker did get to watch the AFC title game with the aunt and the $ This was great fun and they were great hosts!

Before the crew’s trip to the south, January proved to be quite eventful with mile weather and busy workplaces for bother Joker and Ace. Joker was down in Orlando for a week to see the mouse and the duck, Ace had to work more than a few double shifts. Through it all the support structure around the barracks was there to help out with the Sheriff.

Also, the Sheriff has a new deputy out of the London barracks, she’s across the pond so there shouldn’t be too many battles over jurisdiction, at least for now. Here, she is, from London, it’s the Sheriff’s cousin, a beautiful baby gril, I think we’ll call her Ms. M for now…

Hurricane House Tour

So Ace had a lapse in judgment in agreeing to have the Southie barracks featured in a Christmas house tour for charity this year.  Hurricane House Tour took over after Thanksgiving and the remnants all won’t be cleaned up for months.  Although the barracks looked beautiful all dolled up for the holidays, Ace and Joker could have lived without this good deed.  If only Pat the Neighbor warned them earlier!  Thankfully Grandpa loves to do odd jobs around the barracks so Ace has given him post-Hurricane assignments to help them get their home back!

Amidst December’s chaos, Ace, Joker and the Sheriff had a memorable first Christmas with lots of family around. Some of the holiday highlights included the Sheriff’s first trip to Wright’s Chicken Farm for the Kosciak Family Christmas party, followed by her first tear-filled sitting on Santa’s lap (aka Cousin Steve the Oilman), a fun-filled pre-Christmas week with Auntie, pierogi parties with the Baron and Stapor ladies (the Sheriff is 75% Polish!), a room full of presents all for her at Babci’s on Christmas Eve, her very own “Market Basket” shopping cart from B&G (Joker and Great Grandpa have given the Sheriff a love of grocery stores!), the Sheriff’s first dance party at Cioci Julie’s 40th bday party (the Sheriff is a party girl at heart!), quality time with Joker and Aunt K while Ace fights the good fight at the Firm, and the Sheriff’s first MPS bball game followed by dinner with Dziadz and the team (the girls LOVE the Sheriff and the Sheriff was showing off her moves on the court at half time).  All in all, it’s been a crazy busy month but the Sheriff continues to have a blast and is looking forward to walking and talking (more!) in 2012!

Gobble Gobble

The Sheriff had a great first Turkey Day on island up in the great state of Maine with Ace, Joker, Babs, Grandpa, Aunt K and Kadee the dog.  The Sheriff was proud to outweigh the turkey and she did her part to gobble it up, along with all the yummy sides.  Her favorite part of the day was dancing on the counter top with Babs and of course playing with Kadee’s tail!  Ace and Joker certainly had a lot to be thankful for this year!