Two Feet of Fun

Hard to believe that the Sheriff turned one a couple weeks ago. It seems like yesterday that Ace and Joker welcomed their new roommate to the Southie barracks; yet they have a hard time remembering life without her. Or the last time they slept past 6am!

To celebrate the big day and a few of the Sheriff’s favorite things, Ace and Joker consulted with the local dog pound and threw the Sheriff a puppy-themed party at the Southie Bowl-A-Rama. Not quite up for the bowling challenge just yet (give her time, she is 75% Polish), the Sheriff was content to hang with her pals at the bowling alley bar. Like father like daughter! Overwhelmed by the party goer turn-out, the Sheriff had to put her crowd control skills to good use. And although she refused to eat her yummy birthday cake, the Sheriff didn’t need any extra sugar to make her so sweet. She comes that way!

The time also arrived for the Sheriff’s annual review, and she performed flawlessly. Standing tall at 2 feet, 8 inches the Sheriff already is showing everyone who is boss. Working on her bounce pass one minute and reading and singing along to her Wheels on the British Bus book the next, the Sheriff is ready to dominate all around. Afraid of nothing, she decided it would be fun to pick up the bunny in her Easter picture and let it hang there for a bit. Poor bunny = funny photos! When she’s not flying up the stairs or climbing from the couch to the window sill, the Sheriff is doing something else to make Ace and Joker smile (and fear for her safety!). Not a day goes by that they don’t thank their lucky stars for the Sheriff. Happy first birthday baby girl!!