New Patrol Car

New wheels — finally!  For the last couple months, Ace, Joker and the Sheriff have been without a patrol car at the Southie barraks while patiently awaiting the arrival of their new, perfect shade of green Infiniti JX.  This has meant lots of rental cars, Uber rides, public transportation and, no doubt, borrowing Aunt K’s car from the East side.  (Thank you Aunt K — professional detailing to follow that hopefully will ensure complete removal of Cherrios!)  

The Sheriff had just about had it with all of these temporary patrol cars, for as soon as she’d get comfortable in one, it’d be time to switch gears, literally.  And she got particularly frustrated when Ace re-commissioned the “bucket” car seat when Joker was “doing business” in Spain and Switzerland and consequently unavailable to install her “big girl” car seat in whatever set of wheels Ace got her hands on that day.   Thankfully, the next chapter in their vehicular life story started this past weekend — testing the waters as a one car family.  As for the license plate, it’s the end of an era and Ace has had a hard time accepting that SBARON is no longer on the road.  SARDINI just doesn’t have the same ring.  🙂