Well, it’s been a while since the last post but that’s because the Sheriff has been so busy running around town and country, it’s often hard to keep up with her.  She’s certainly mastered the art of walk/running and has some colorful battle scars on her knees to prove it.  She also has been putting her springtime swim lessons to good use this summer at beaches, lakes and pools alike all around New England.  She is sure to let anyone who will listen know that she is in, near, around, or anywhere close to the “agua!”, one of her favorite words compliments of Nanny Extraordinaire.

The Sheriff has turned into a veteran beach babe this summer — enjoying a week of fun at the Cape with Babci, Auntie, Popo and Lala (where she developed a love for girl time and all things Elmo) and some fun weekends with Babs, Grandpa, Aunt K and Kadee the Dog with a special appearance by Aunt M, OK and little Cousin EmDot at Drakes Island, where Ace and OK made it half way through the sand castle building contest and vowed to do better next year!  AK also vowed to have spiffier decorations for the Sheriff’s wagon in the 4th of July bike parade going forward!

The Sheriff had a great time bonding with Cousin EmDot this summer and was so happy that she got to show her the ropes of Drakes Island, including riding around in her red car, playing the piano, and getting all the pancakes one wants from Grandpa!

Of course, Captain Dziadz already has had the Sheriff studying the infamous shallow spots on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchbunggungamaugg, so she will be ready to become the first skipper someday.  But for now, she’s a champ at sounding the boat horn, feeding the fishies, and making her dear great grandparents smile on a summer afternoon.

The Sheriff recently went to visit Auntie and Uncle $ down in Atlanta to help celebrate the impending arrival of Baby$ (due 8-26-12).  The Sheriff had a blast playing with Baby $’s friends at the beautiful shower, and breaking in his toys and pack-n-play back at the ranch  — thankfully it was cool because boy was it hot outside!  And the Sheriff really enjoyed some QT with big cousin Risa.  By the time the Sheriff left, Auntie realized that her house is in need of some major baby proofing before Baby $ can walk, including moving the liquor cabinet goodies out of reach of little hands!  Babci gets a badge of gratefulness for all of her help on the flights with the Sheriff.

The Sheriff rounded out the month with a very memorable day at the Lake with Ace’s polar bear teammates and their wonderful families.  (Nothing beats old friends and hoop stars!)  Topped off by a nice, yummy brunch for Babs’ birthday with a guest appearance by Auntie Mal and the word’s best Math Teacher.

One more month of summer fun and then Joker is off for lots of September travels.  Stay tuned for more family adventures!