On the road again

Back in August 2009 right before Ace and Joker hosted a rockin’ party in Newport under a gorgeous tent with 200 of their closest friends and family, Joker got a new job at what Ace refers to as the Disney World of global corporations.  Note that Ace attended the alleged Disney World of law schools.  And from what she hears is about to start a new job at the Disney World of off-price retail companies.  A trip to the real deal Disney World for the little Sheriff may be in order shortly!  But before taking off on any such magical adventure, the Sheriff will be certain to consult with Team Sherry who freakishly know every last detail about anything Disney.  Heck, maybe they will just crash one of Team Sherry’s frequent visits to the Magic Kingdom and reap the benefits of Cousin Mike’s insider scoops.  Definitely someday…but probably no time soon given all the changes the coming months have in store for Ace, Joker and the Sheriff (more on that later).

In any event, with the promise of less travel and free visits from the ice cream man every week in the summer, Joker jumped at the chance to join the ranks of big pharma.  A trip to India here, a trip to Switzerland there — a mere drop in the bucket compared to the old consulting days of leaving on a jet plane every Monday morning.  But this month has been like turning back the clock with Joker gone for almost two weeks straight over in Switzerland, home for three days, and gone again for another week on the west coast.  Coupled with Ace’s trip down to see G$ this month, the newest babe to join the famdamily, Ace and Joker pretty much can count the number of days they will see each other this month on one hand.  Thank goodness for Facetime, so the Sheriff can see her Dada when the time zones allow.  The Sheriff certainly is daddy’s little girl!  We just don’t want the Sheriff to think Dada lives in the Iphone — kinda like how Elmo lives in the Ipad!

Speaking of the newest little deputy, the Sheriff is very excited to meet her baby cousin G$ who arrived in true family form, on a holiday, and on a mildly appropriate one at that, Labor Day.  G$ is the spitting image of his dada and his mommy couldn’t be more thrilled with her new job.  Amazon.com’s stock price has skyrocketed since Auntie started her maternity leave!

With Ace headed to ATL this weekend to assume  her duties as Auntie Extraordinaire, Joker and Sheriff will be spending some quality daddy-daughter time together for the next few days.  Ace has only left the Sheriff for two days since she was born, so 5 seems like a lifetime.   Joker tells her not to fret, he can handle it.  And she know he can.  She just wonders what the barracks will look like when she gets home!

Joker will be putting all of his expert travel skills to good use as he embarks on his first solo airplane ride with the Sheriff down to visit G$.  Ace is dying to get this flight videotaped to watch how her two faves (and those around them) fare in a confined space for 3 hours, but assumes that such antics would violate some FAA regulation somewhere and fears being banned from the friendly skies.  The last time the Sheriff went to ATL to visit Auntie and Uncle $ this summer, she flew home with a fever and slept the whole way.  As much as Ace would like her to sleep for Joker on the plane, she does not wish for a repeat performance.

So the Traveling Trio will meet up again in ATL at the end of the month and will embark on a quick road trip through NC and DC before flying back to Boston.  Ace and Joker look forward to seeing each other… as well as friends and family along the way and singing lots of the Sheriff’s favorite songs.  And maybe showing an Elmo video or two…or 20!