The Deputy’s Call to Action

It’s no secret around town that the Sheriff will be getting a little deputy this February.  Ace and Joker couldn’t be more thrilled — another baby girl to love, hug, and absolutely adore.  Joker really is going to be outnumbered now!  And Ace is confident that in a few years Joker will be french braiding hair (or at least making killer pony tails) with the best of them!  Joker is a pretty great dad.

For now, the Deputy’s name, according to the Sheriff, is “Applesauce” or “Sister” depending on the timing of the question “What do you want to name your baby sister” and the Sheriff’s last meal.   Ace and Joker had to steal away to Mexico for a quick baby moon to try to settle on a name (among other activities of course) but so far no luck (with a name)!  The mutually-agreed upon list is growing, though Ace tends to think that this one is going to be a game time decision.

Whatever her name ends up being, Ace and Joker already have deemed the Deputy an extraordinary travelmate. As they stepped off the plane and faced a 2.5-3 hour line at customs, Ace quickly found the nearest, official-looking, twenty-something customs agent, pointed at her belly, pointed at the line, shook her head, and boom, they were through customs in about 3 minutes flat.  There was a little guilt, but it was fleeting.

Now it wouldn’t be an Ace-Joker vacation if Joker didn’t lose his wedding ring in the pool.  Thankfully he has a 100% recovery rate.  Maybe the Sheriff and Deputy can help with retrievals some day!  It’s sure to happen at some water park at some point…

When Ace and Joker return to reality shortly, it will be full steam ahead through the holiday season followed directly by Operation Deputy Prep which mostly will consist of digging through the endless bins of the Sheriff’s clothes for some favorites for the Deputy.  Ace also plans to use her employee discount at everyone’s favorite off-price retailer to make sure the Deputy has some cutie outfits of her own.  (BTW, Ace looooooves her new job!)  Otherwise, the barracks are already baby-ready for cousin G$, arriving tomorrow to New England for the first time to play with the Sheriff over Thanksgiving.  In October, the Sheriff got to play with Cousin E when she came to America to be christened — a really nice day.   Soon enough, the Sheriff will have a permanent playmate at the barracks — a lifelong friend, confidante, and other half in her sister….