There’s a New Deputy in Town!!

Well folks, there have been some organizational changes at the Southie barracks!!  The “little” Deputy joined the ranks on Friday February 8, 2013 at 8:14 am, right before the Blizzard of 2013 hit. While the snow may have handicapped the number of hospital visitors the Deputy was able to entertain, it gave Ace and Joker some quality quiet time with their new addition which they thoroughly enjoyed.  Of course the Sheriff made a special appearance to meet her sister and had a great time pushing the Deputy’s crib down the hallway.  The Sheriff also reports that she loved all of the big sister presents she got, especially the talking Elmo which the Deputy brought straight from heaven for the Sheriff!

Weighing in at a whooping 10.1 pounds, Ace just knew the Deputy was going to be a big baby.  Call it mother’s intuition (or just good luck), Ace was spot on…sort of.  Minutes before Ace walked into the OR for her c-section, she and Joker guessed the Deputy’s stats.  Ace guessed 10.1 pounds and 22 inches — the Deputy’s exact measurements a few minutes later!  However, at the Deputy’s first pediatric appointment two days after her release from the hospital, the Deputy measured 21.5 inches (which also was the Sheriff’s birth length).  The Deputy either shrank, or the hospital measured wrong — chances are it was the later.

The Deputy has been eating and sleeping and pooping like a champ.  She certainly takes after Joker in that last department (!), and as Joker aptly points out, the Deputy pooped twice even before she met Ace — on the “clean-up table” in the operating room!  Since then, the Deputy has had no problems with her toots, something that Ace, Joker and the Sheriff all seem to get a kick out of.  Joker asks — “are you sure she’s not a boy?!”

The Deputy is a great “little” baby — a girl baby for sure.  Two weeks in, she smiles often (often when pooping), hardly fusses, excels at tummy time, sleeps for 4 hour stretches at night, and doesn’t seem to mind the Sheriff’s occasional poking and prodding.  All in all, the Sheriff has been handling the re-org quite well.  She sleeps in a “big girl bed” with no issue, and is ready to share her office space with the Deputy when that time comes.  She likes to help with the Deputy’s tubby and is a champ at pulling out all of the “baby’s wipeys” from the Deputy’s diaper basket in Ace and Joker’s room because she “neeeeeeeeeeeds them.”  Ace and Joker haven’t figured out how to get the Sheriff to change diapers just yet, but maybe soon!

Ace has been lucky enough to have Joker home for 3 weeks after the Deputy’s arrival and the gang has really settled into being a family of four.  They had their first family meal out at the 99 last weekend, hit up the mall for some afternoon antics at the free play space, cheered the Sheriff on as she swam hands-free from Joker at swim class, and entertained various visitors at the barracks including AK, the Editor, the Nanny, Babci, the MPS Crew, the Godfather and Jack (the Sheriff’s first crush). The Deputy also made her first trip to Webster to meet Great Grandpa, AD and Uncle Bud and can’t wait to meet her aunts and cousins this weekend.  The Deputy has already logged a few miles in the ol patrol car and is getting ready for lots more!  She knows those parents of hers can’t possibly sit still and are always up to something, even if it’s just a trip to Costco.  The Deputy certainly is ready for all of the adventures and good times Ace, Joker and the Sheriff have in store for her.  Let the ride of her life begin!!

Only Child

Well, the time has come, the time is now — one of Joker’s favorite sayings.  The Sheriff’s days as an only child are waning as everyone in the Southie barracks prepares for the arrival of Baby “Applesauce,” though admittedly Ace and Joker are much more relaxed this time around, as most parents must be the second time around.  Joker’s entire baby prep to-do list essentially remains outstanding — install car seat, re-assemble swing, and set up bassinet.  He claims this is all child’s play at this point, and not to fret, it will all be done before we get home from the hospital.  Luckily Ace trusts him.

It’s hard to believe that in just a few days, there will be a new member of the family joining the gang at G Street on a permanent basis.  It feels like Ace and Joker just started this blog and brought the Sheriff home for the first time.  They remember it like it was yesterday — a gorgeous 60 degree day on the first Sunday in March; they got stopped by the nice neighbors back in Southie for some ooh-ing and ahh-ing as they carried the Sheriff to the barracks for the first time (so glad the nice neighbors offered to take a picture, which is such a special one); and when they officially arrived home, Ace and Joker cuddled with their new bundle of joy, watched her sleep for hours, and endlessly checked her to make sure that she was still breathing.  Ace vividly remembers cutting the hospital ID band off of the Sheriff’s little ankle so slowly and carefully, and being so worried about having a set of scissors within 10 feet of her.

Needless to say everyone is excited to do it all again for Applesauce and can’t wait for all the love, laughter and joy she will add to the family.  The Sheriff proudly proclaims, with her adorable subtle lisp, that “big sisters are the best”  — the title of one of her favorite books right now.  Indeed, the Sheriff is the one who coined the name Applesauce for her baby sister, and Ace and Joker are wondering if it will stick…

Ace and Joker are doing the best they can to make the Sheriff’s final days as an only child as enjoyable as possible for her.  Lots of picture taking, lots of hugs and kisses, and lots of talk about visiting mommy and baby sister in the hospital going down this week at the barracks.  Lots of rule breaking too — the Sheriff wanted Rice Krispies for lunch, she got them. She wanted a cupcake at Joker’s colleague’s party this weekend, she got it (minus 3/4 of the frosting thanks to Ace’s quick moves).  She wanted to stay up past her bedtime and snuggle on the couch, what’s the harm in that?  She wanted to play with the messy markers not the neat crayons, sure, why not?  But only this week 🙂

Looking back on the last two years with the Sheriff, Ace and Joker couldn’t be more grateful or thrilled.  So many memories, so much fun! The Sheriff certainly helped Ace and Joker come into their own as parents, and they will always treasure the moments they shared with their “only child,” their first love.

And now a new chapter, with a new little love, is about to begin.  Ace and Joker are so very excited to welcome Applesauce to the world and are anxious to dazzle her with all of their parenting prowess.  They wonder if she will be impressed?  Maybe yes, maybe no, but hopefully she will quickly understand that Ace and Joker will love her to the moon and back, unconditionally and will do anything for her.  Stay tuned as Ace, Joker and the Sheriff become a family of four with the arrival of Baby Applesauce on 2-8-13!