Island Hopping

Summer is in full swing at the Southie barracks and Ace, Joker, the Sheriff and Deputy have spent their last few weekends island hopping around New England, using the barracks to, what feels like, only sleep, eat and do laundry during the week.  The fun started when the Deputy took her first ferry ride and joined Ace and Joker on Nantucket for Auntie Dupree’s absolutely stunning wedding weekend.  Babci came along to Deputy-sit while Ace and Joker lived it up on the island with the Bowdoin gang and some other good friends including AK and Pick.  Babci and the Deputy had a lot of quality time together and had a blast hanging out with the Fox Fellas and their grandparents on the cobblestoned streets of ACK.  The Deputy is truly proving herself to be an angel baby — she will go anywhere and do anything, all with a happy smile and kicking her cute little feet.  So long as she is fed, dry and pooping regularly, she is perfectly content and just so happy.  Meanwhile, while Ace and Joker were enjoying all the pleasures of a classic Nantucket wedding, the Sheriff was living it up at Drakes Island (no ferry required) with Babs and Ah-Choo, holding court at the playground, church, and the beach and starting her campaign early for president of the Island Association.  Who wouldn’t vote for this sweet, smart and vivacious little lady?!

The following weekend, the A Team was off to Martha’s Vineyard for a week at “Barry’s House,” as the Sheriff referred to it in honor of its owner.  Renting a house with IBM friends from San Fran and Uncle Rick and Jack, everyone had a wonderful time beaching it at State Beach and playing at the high class playgrounds of Edgartown (move over Castle Island!).  A dance party with the kids at Flatbreads, breakfast and a beach club day with some old Bowdoin friends, lunches at the brewery and the Black Dog, dips in the ocean with and without the Sheriff, a beautiful sunset at Aquinnah, ice cream and fudge, and a relaxing walk to town for the 4th festivities.  The grown ups even enjoyed a couple dinners out thanks to Uncle Rick’s niece for baby sitting.  Otherwise, it was lots of grilling and cooking, bubbles on the porch, and occasional hot tubbing during nap time.  All in all, a wonderful trip with friends and some great family time all around.

Vacation was topped off by a quick day trip out to Lake Chargoggogg…(no ferry required but jet ski and pontoon available).  Great visit with the oldest of friends, the Tent Guy and Gal, their kids and grandkids.  Just so special.  Auntie and G$ were in town for the 4th and all the kiddos got to splash around in the Lake’s newest addition, an inflatable whale pool that can house just as many toys as buckets of water.  A quick appearance by Great Grandpa always makes the trips out west worthwhile too.

Up next, a relaxing family-filled weekend on Drakes Island in Maine at Babs and Ah-Choo’s where the Sheriff and the Deputy got  to play with their little cousin Em Dot in for the month from the UK with Aunt M and OK, AK, Kadee the Dog and even some new friends.  Babs and Ah-Choo had all of their kids and granddaughters under one roof for the weekend and couldn’t be happier  — #the way life should be! Can’t wait to see the family photo on the front stoop!  The Deputy got her first stroller walk along the water with Ace, and the Sheriff excelled at getting what seemed like every piece of sand on the beach on her body, in her hair, in her mouth, and then some.   Thank goodness for the outdoor shower — a must-have in whatever house Ace and Joker buy someday (hopefully soon, says the commuting Ace).  Lots of qt with Babs and Ah-Choo logged this weekend — pancakes in the AM for all, more bubbles on the porch, more inflatable pool play, and plenty of “lipstick” play in Babs’ room.  The Sheriff got along great with Em Dot, and only made her cry once 🙂  And Em Dot loved showing Babs how to feed the Deputy her bottle.  So cute!  The Sheriff and Deputy can’t wait for Em Dot to move to the USA so they can play with her lots, and they want Em Dot to teach them how to speak German!

The A Team is heading north again the next few weekends and will circle back to Webster and the Cape in August.  Stay tuned for more summer adventures.  Nothing beats summer in New England….