The Cape and a Christening

It’s hard to believe the summer of 2013 is almost over.  A great one it was…even if Ace didn’t have the whole summer off this time around to play with the new babe and never did quite manage to get ahead of the laundry.  But, nevertheless, Ace is settled back in at a job she loves and thanks her lucky stars that her Big Law days are behind her.

As for their fun in the sun, the Family of Four had a great time bouncing around New England this summer.  Good thing the Deputy has changed her tune about being in the car, and generally just sleeps like the happy little angel she is where ever they go.  Now and again we get a “dada” out of her.  Her first official babbling word.

August was filled with lots of Lake time with Captain Dziadz and old friends from MPS and Bowdoin, swimming in AD and Uncle Bud’s pool (such fun and reliably warm!), and of course the annual Cape trip with Babci, Auntie, G$ and the Twins.  After a slow start in the Atlantic and Lake Chargoggogg in July, the Sheriff really came around to the water and ended the summer with a love of swimming.  She refused to get out of the ocean by the end of the Cape week, and the Sheriff even got Ace working out again by insisting on being run up and down the beaches of Cape Cod on a boogie board, all over the tidal pools.  Super fun (and super sore) times!

While Joker made his annual return to bachelorhood living it up at the Red Sox, Barking Crab and other assorted manly events, the girls (plus G$) had a wonderful trip to the Cape.  Great weather, great seafood, great babies, great company.  As for highlights, the Sheriff ruled the West Dennis playground, had a blast at the Cape Cod kids museum, and loved her pool, bubbles and sidewalk chalk all over the “Cape Cod house.”  Auntie taught the Sheriff downward dog and how to do cartwheels in the yard.  The Deputy was an amazing travel companion and she and Sir G$ were fast friends — always making each other giggle.  Nice to have a little boy around to show the girls who’s boss…particularly since Auntie insisted that he have his own private sleeping quarters!  Babci had a blast “relaxing” with her 3 grandbabies — and of course folding all the laundry that each day generated!  Always on the clock!

The week was topped off by a perfect day at BC Law where G$ and the Deputy got some water poured on their foreheads and each took turns “singing” in church, exercising their lungs, screaming bloody murder, whatever you want to call it.  They both did great and they were super cute in their respective gowns — and of course Joker made a few hundred jokes about his godson’s girly attire that day!  Aside from a serving spoon mishap at the after-party (Ah Choo to the rescue by raiding the law school cafeteria!), the lunch went well and the kids had a great time running around the old world building making their own fun.  The Deputy and G$ were so lucky to have shared such a lovely day with their loving families.

Ace and Joker were even able to sneak away recently to their beloved Newport for a nice day with their lovely ladies, followed by a night of adult fun.  With the girls sound asleep back at the barracks with Babs and Ah-Choo in charge, Ace and Joker found themselves doing one of their favorite things — apps and drinks at multiple bars followed by a little Adam Carolla comedy show action– the third person in their marriage, as Ace likes to say.  A great getaway topped off by a visit to their wedding cake baker and the Brick Alley pub the next day.

As the best time of year comes to an end (summer in New England), Ace and Joker are gassing up the ol JX for an epic weekend tour of the region — Maine to the Berkshires this time.  They really don’t ever stop.  Thank god for the Fall!!  Time to stay put for a bit, buy a house, make a home for a couple of kids, and really settle in….