The Mouse and the Duck

Ace and Joker like to take a trip in the fall…mostly to commemorate that fateful, gusty but incredibly fun day in October when they agreed before 200 of their closest friends and family to partner up.  First it was Australia, next Lake Placid, then Mexico, and this year, Disney World!  How times have changed — all in good ways.

Ace and Joker thought Disney was a great plan since they wanted some place where they could use miles and points and someplace Sheriff-friendly.  The Deputy could have fun in a cardboard box — that child is just that happy all the time, even when she woke up at the Magic Kingdom with pink eye and spent half the day getting treated for it off property with Ace.  Thanks to some key tips from Team Sherry about character meals and fast passes, as well as free, unused park passes from the 1990s that never expired from Babs and Ah Choo, the Sheriff had a blast and really enjoyed riding the carousel with Joker, the Dumbo ride with Ace, Small World with the whole fam, and driving the Indy cars with each of her rents separately.  Other highlights were the princess breakfast where the Sheriff held Cinderella’s hand and processed around the castle’s dining hall and got a matching photo with Snow White, the safari at Animal Kingdom, and an awesome sushi dinner in Japan at Epcot.  And, the Sheriff definitely loved Mickey Mouse the most, followed next by Ariel the mermaid (her tubby toy friend!)  Meanwhile the Deputy continued to have fun in available cardboard boxes and was pretty much oblivious to all things Disney, which was not unexpected.

Lessons learned included the fireworks at Epcot — kinda scary if you are 2 years old.  The Sheriff still randomly blurts out that she doesn’t like fireworks.  Also scary — Mickey’s Philharmonic, Winnie the Pooh and Ariel’s Grotto.  Ace and Joker figured out that the Sheriff does better with the heroes and happies at Disney — not the villians; and it’s best to have your newly potty trained toddler wear Pull Ups at Disney, especially when said toddler is terrified of the loud flushing in the yucky bathrooms.  Also, lemonade is an OK drink at Disney.  But it magically disappears outside of Disney World, and it’s back to old fashioned milk and water.  Ace and Joker also learned how exhausting, hot and crowded Disney World can be for adults, how to share meals with each other in order to save money, how the churros in Mexico are just not as good as Ace remembers (nobody can compete with Costco), how they just are not those people who would ever make it to the early morning park openings (Team Sherry would be mortified), and how hanging at the pool for a few afternoons is really really nice.   All in all, a great trip, the first of many family vacations, and some fun pictures.  Stay tuned for uploads.