Moving On Up

Somehow enough time has passed such that the Little Deputy has graduated to the “older infant” room at daycare.  A new room, with new teachers and new friends.  Ace welled up saying good bye and thank you to Miss Jen and Miss Francesca — the Deputy’s very loving and caring first teachers from “Infant B.”   They were so good to the Deputy and took such great care of her when she was just a wee one.

But the Deputy didn’t miss a beat.  She took to her new surroundings so well, and really enjoys playing all day with her older friends, going to the gym and playing outside.  She likes to climbs up the cushioned ramp and look out the window sandwiched between two of her boyfriends.  Something tells me she is going to be the troublemaker.

And of course she gets lots of TLC from her new teachers Miss Kelsey and Miss Janeth because she’s the littlest babe (age not size wise) by 3 months for the time being.  Such a happy, smiley girl who loves to wave like a little Miss America, calls Ace “baba” instead of mama (she’s been saying dada for months now), favors peas over sweet potatoes, and still likes to party at 3am, and 4 am and sometimes 5am.  Joker is ready to run Baby Bootcamp for the Deputy, aka sleep training, since Ace is incapable of letting the Deputy cry it out.  She’s lost her edge.  Stay tuned for sleep updates in the coming months; right now, no one at the barracks is getting much shut-eye but hopefully that changes soon.  Joker means business!

In other news, yesterday Ace caught the crazy little Deputy standing in her high chair!  Bring back the straps!! The Sheriff (who refuses to do anything dare-devilish like jump in the pool) would never have pulled such a dangerous stunt.  The Deputy is definitely a little more carefree.  And she loves her books, banging on the drums and eating her sister’s stickers.  So much for baby proofing this time around!

Although the Deputy may be a bit less timid than her sister, that doesn’t stop the Sheriff from being bruiser in her own right.  While Joker was traveling this past week, the Sheriff accidently head butted Ace in the face at story time and gave Ace a black eye that rivals the ones she sported in the 90s after legendary rugby and basketball games.  If there is a sweet spot in a black eye, it is a two year old saying, in the most sincere voice imaginable, ” I’m sorry Mommy.”  Ace’s heart melted — of course she didn’t mean.  Ace was just impressed by the Sheriff’s unprompted display of empathy – a sign of intelligence right?

Other favorite phrases from the Sheriff of late include:  “all the family,” “stay a couple whiles,” “it’s not your Charles River, it’s mine! you have Harvard University, Daddy has Boston University and Alli has the toll booth” (Mass Pike west-bound speak en route to school), “how was your day, Mommy?” “how was your trip Daddy?” refers to the Deputy as “he” (working on pronouns), “who’s coming over [to help]?” (after telling the Sheriff that Mommy will be going out for the night, and Daddy is in charge).  And a big shout out to Yo-Yo and No-No, the Sheriff’s imaginary friends.

Lots going on at the barracks these days!  And while everyone is getting ready for turkey this week and lots of QT with the fams, the Sheriff is also getting ready to move on up to pre-school on Monday December 2.  A big day for our little girl!  Miss Kate is the new teacher, Sheriff’s good friend Buster from Toddler C is already there, and the Sheriff has proclaimed multiple times that “she is ready for preschool” so we shall take her at her word.  How is it possible that we have a pre-schooler already?!  Time sure does fly.  xoxo