The Deputy is 1!!

Hard to believe it, but the Little Deputy celebrated her first birthday last weekend!  As Ace wrote on her Facebook page, it seems like yesterday that they were snowed in at Newton Wellesley snuggling their new little angel.  Just like the super snow storm she was born in in 2013, the month of February 2014 has been filled with snow, Southie parking wars, and far too much bitter cold weather.  But that did not stop the gang from celebrating in snowey- style for the Deputy.  With their birthdays so close, a joint family party was in order for the Deputy and Sheriff alike, and with a trip to the ice rink for some sledding action and lots of Party Favors cake and Daddy’s famous chilli, it turned out to be a really great day all around.  Although the Southie bowling alley did call to see if they’d be coming back for another famous 1st birthday party, the urge to do so was wisely resisted.  And the family party turned out to be the perfect way to celebrate.

At her one year appt, the Deputy checked in at 21 lbs and 30.5 inches, both stats well above average, as always, but a little behind her sister at this age by 2 pounds and 1.5 inches.  She continues to love Elmo, playing in the bathroom and kitchen cabinets, giving hugs and kisses, making raspberries, and she hates it when tubby time ends where she much prefers to stand than sit.  She loves to help unload the dishwasher, and especially enjoys climbing up into it.  She’s a little daredevil, who very likely, will be taking up crib-jumping as her first sport.  Ace now has been able to give her a top-of-the-head whale spout pony tail, making her a daily customer of Ace’s Hair Salon, Southie Branch where baby fine, thin hair that doesn’t really grow very well is the standard, and thick wavy ponytails are something of a pipe dream.  The Deputy still strongly disfavors being strapped into her carseat, and much prefers walking to the car in the morning herself versus being carried, which adds an extra 6.5 minutes to the already pushing-it commute out west.  Some random doggie and stranger fears aside (mostly dads/men who come into her daycare room?? not sure what that’s all about), the Little Deputy has a true adventurous, sweet and happy spirit.

As the dead of winter continues, Ace and Joker are hopeful that their great suburban move comes to fruition this spring, or else it will be a long summer at Normandy Ave with no central air!  The Sheriff already says she’s moving to Newton, and half of the toy load from the barracks’ living room has been purged in anticipation of the fateful day.  Prayers to the God of Houses, the patron Saint of Homes, and maybe the $$ Gods are certainly in order.  Ace and Joker have finally agreed to expand their search, so long as where ever they end up borders the city of Boston…can’t stray too far from the Home Land.  Love that dirty water.