Our Little Mermaid

For her 3rd birthday and first “friend party,” the Sheriff wanted an Ariel theme, her favorite Disney character.  So Ace and Joker had the perfect plan — a swim party at the Murphy Center where the Sheriff has taken many a Saturday morning swim class (if you can even call it “class,” more like open swim with a parent lead by two ice coffee-drinking, twenty something Southie sweethearts who may or may not actually make their way into the pool on any given Saturday).  The party was low key but so much fun for the Sheriff! A few school friends came, a few MPS friends, a few Bowdoin friends, and with the help of AK and The Rugger, the pizza made it on time and everyone made it out of Dorchester in one piece.  And the kiddos even ate Ace’s homemade Ariel cake and cupcakes — Ace’s first foray into cake making/decorating, which, all things considered, didn’t go as horrifically as she anticipated.  Ace is anxious to get some cake making tips from CJ soon — she’s going to have plenty of cakes to make in the coming years!

So, the Sheriff is now 3.  And she lets you know.  “I’m three now.  I’m a big kid.”  Yes, you are.  Big heart, big memory (the best one at G Street), big smile, and of course long long legs.  99th percentile for height at 40.75 inches at her 3 year appointment!  And when you ask the Sheriff what sport she will play someday, she says “basketball.  I am very good at basketball.”  We sure do hope so, given those genetics!  Now, if only we can get her to throw the ball forwards and not backwards behind her head…

Some of the Sheriff’s recent silly quirks include:  taking her clothes off immediately when she gets home from school and eating dinner in her underwear (it used to be that she put her princess costumes on, but now she doesn’t even bother to do that!); living, breathing and blaming everything on the imaginary friend Yo-Yo (the little rascal); reading her 4 Disney princess books at bedtime (over and over and over); not letting Alli crawl up the stairs on her own but making one of us carry her (unclear why); the famous dance moves (can’t wait for this recital), and the sweetest greeting at the end of a long work day “How was your day Mommy?  How was your day Daddy?”  We are so lucky to have such a smart and thoughtful little girl.  She keeps us laughing and smiling everyday.  And there isn’t much more we could ask for….