Saying Goodbye to G Street

So much has happened since I last posted. It’s certainly been a busy few months, and while I aim to log one post a month for the memory books, I didn’t quite meet that goal recently. But given all of the events that have transpired, I’m sure the kiddos will forgive me when they one day sit down and read this blog thing..which I’m hoping they will actually do someday 🙂

In the past couple months, we packed up our home, sold it, bought a new one in the burbs, started telling people about Baby Boy Ardini’s arrival in October (the Sheriff calls him Yo-Yo much like her imaginary friend), Joker pursued and accepted a new job, and the whole gang moved to Lake Chargoggogg for the summer. No wonder the troops have been hard hit with colds, bugs and viruses that they just can’t seem to kick right now!

Saying goodbye to the G Street barracks was tough, and even writing this post has made Ace a little weepy. The minute Ace and Joker stepped foot into this place some four odd years ago, they knew they’d found their first home together. All Joker had to do was serve Ace up a couple of glasses of Pinio at Barlows’ to get her to agree to the price, and the deal was done. This was, of course, back before bidding wars, escalation clauses and the other craziness they just experienced in Metro West. G Street will always be a special place for Ace and Joker – a beautifully crafted home with the perfect mix of old and new, a tree-lined street of nice (for the most part!) and politically connected neighbors, memories of bringing the girls home from the hospital and generally figuring out how to be parents and be responsible for little lives, their first steps, first foods, and first words all in and around the kitchen and living room, however flooded with toys it was, all those sleepless nights and stories and cuddles in the rocker in their nursery, roof deck BBQs and a couple good parties along the way, walks to M Street Park and our favorite Castle Island and Sully’s, swim and dance class and making friends around the hood, the best drive thru Dunkins ever, dinners down at the Seaport, unbeatable service from the dry cleaners and barber, frequent visits from AK and Kadee the Dog, Attila, taking the bus and the T, and generally making the most of the “city years” as much as possible every day, even if it meant stealing parking spots in a snow storm or doing Ace’s famous “Boston bump” to squeeze in the last available spot in the 3 block radius – one of the few things that Ace and Joker won’t miss about city living.

When the Sheriff started really talking, she’d tell you she lived in “Southie.” It was so cute. Who knew she’d spend the first 3 years of her life in the same neighborhood in which her Great Grandma Ardini was born and raised. The gang of 4, soon to be 5, has had some great times and memories in Southie and Ace and Joker surely will someday tell the girls stories about when they lived on G Street, and shared a room, played on the stoop, and made snow angels on sidewalks. It’s the end of an era for Ace and Joker too – 15 or so years of living in Boston, not all together, but it’s where they met, where they fell in love and started a life and a family, and where they’ve called home for pretty much all of their adult lives. Boston and Southie will always hold a special place in their hearts, and if Joker has his way…he and Ace will be back to G Street in 20 or so years! Next stop…Needham, Massachusetts. xoxo