Party of Five

I was in a meeting today and the CCO looks at me, and says “you’re having another baby? Are you nuts?!”  Well, sort of…I was just pysched that he remembered my name, not to mention my child bearing propensities!

So yes, in about 3 months (Ace wishes it was tomorrow given the size of her belly), the Gang of Four will become the Party of Five.  And Joker will finally get a boy buddy in the house (more to come on that last point the next time I get a burst of energy close to midnight and start writing one of these things — doesn’t happen often these days).  Excited and terrified all at once, Ace and Joker really are not prepared to be outnumbered by little people under three feet tall.  Ok, let’s be honest, that just sounded good but the Sheriff was three feet tall at her two year dr’s appt, and is measuring in around 42 inches right now at 3.4 years old — about the size of an average 6 year old.  As she proudly says “I’m the tallest one in my class.”  Ace just hopes she always feels that way about her height — something Ace will probably never stop worrying about…but that’s what mothers do, worry.  And about a zillion other things.  (Dads too!)

I digress.  This is supposed to be about the little guy!!  Who doesn’t yet have a name in life or on this blog.  Once Joker and Ace are reunited this weekend, maybe they can agree on a blog pseudonym for him, which likely will be easier than agreeing on a real name.  Ace and Joker had a hard enough time agreeing on the Deputy’s name, and now they seem to be in repeat mode for this little man, though truth be told, the summer has been so chaotic, they have had little time or energy to discuss it.  But Joker has made one proposal to Ace in this regard — he has offered Ace the chance to re-name the Deputy to any name of her choosing in exchange for exclusive naming rights to the boy.  Outrageous huh?  He was serious.  Only Joker!  But, not to fret, a plan is in place.  Operation “Our Kid Needs a Name” will commence en flight to the babymoon in Scottdale in September.

So he may not have a name, and he may have a pink boppy and purple carseat, and he may have been a little bit of a surprise, but he certainly will be loved and we cannot wait for his arrival for our family to be complete.  And the Sheriff is seemingly much more interested in her baby brother than she ever was in the Deputy either before or after her arrival.  Now, the Sheriff hugs Ace’s belly, talks to “Baby Brother,” and even tells Ace to eat her broccoli for him.  The Deputy on the other hand is still too little to know what’s happening.  And in some ways, is still a baby herself.  But given how much she loves baby dolls, we think she will adjust quite well to having a little one around.  Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be a whole lot of crazy for the next few years.  But it’s good crazy.  Party of Five crazy.


The Lake and the Island – Summer 2014

The Gang of 4, soon to be 5, has settled in on the shores of Lake Chargogg for the summer with their new roommate. Who knew that Ace would ever be moving back to her hometown, let alone with her hubby and two girls in tow! But stranger things have happened, and all things considered, it’s worked out super well. Easy living as we call it…no mortgage to pay, free dry-cleaning delivery service, and guaranteed parking at any hour. Captain Dziadz has proven to be an extremely helpful crew member – often getting up early with the girls, watching them while Ace and Joker get ready for work, feeding the fishies twice a day with them (the fattest fish in Webster Lake live near this dock), playing baseball in the yard, catching wild squirrels, and even folding laundry! Though the commute is tough on Joker and he stays at trusty ol Stillman Place a night or two a week, the crew has been enjoying dinners on the deck, swimming with old school floaties, and ice cream at Bogeys. This week, the Sheriff needs to find time to go jump in Auntie Deanie and Uncle Bud’s pool and keep up those swim skills!

And of course Babci has been around so much too which has been wonderful – making weekly dinners for the girls, and helping at the Lake when Ace and Joker are off being Ace and Joker. And the Thursday Adventures at zoos and parks around New England have been great fun for the girls, but maybe even more fun for Babci and Dziadz. Last week they had a guest appearance by Cousins B&C, and AD&UD. Fun times all around!

On the weekends, Ace and Joker have been escaping to Drakes Island for QT with Babs and AhChoo and lots of play time at the beach and AhChoo’s quality kiddie pool set-up (with heated water!), and a little R&R for themselves too when possible. Fridays with AhChoo and Babs have been filled with island fun – playground runs, being AhChoo’s helper, and all kinds of fun in the driveway. Aunt M, Onkle K, and Cousin E have been around the last couple weeks before they move to Germany which has been great, and of course AK, “Wessy,” and Kadee the Dog are often there. Now, the Deputy has really changed her tune on Kadee – it used to be that the dog had to be locked in a separate room when the Deputy was around, but now the Deputy is Kadee’s biggest fan, likes to pat her tail, and say “woof woof.” She is just the cutest and sweetest babe with her hugs and kisses for everyone and oh so lovable personality. She doesn’t stop talking (or eating!), loves to hold hands and lead the way, and certainly has a mind of her own when she doesn’t get her way. Something tells me she has a mischievious streak that will come out sooner rather than later. Those dare devil middle children!

Meanwhile, the Sheriff is enjoying her summer of fun and has been a champ with all of the on-the-go activity around New England. She had a blast staying at “Number 5” in Maine over 4th of July week, and was a great hostess to her friends Celia, Sam and Kinsey who joined the gang for some awesome visits with their parents. She loved playing water balloons with Ace, Joker and the Deputy in the yard one night, eating ice cream at Big Daddy’s and playing in the tide pools looking for nails, rocks and shells. And of course, she loved the wagon/bike parade for 4th of July at Drakes, but good thing the fireworks were not too loud from Number 5 b/c the Sheriff is NOT a fan! A family trip to Chauncey Creek of course had to happen, and Ace is still waiting for the visit to Flo’s for hot dogs before the summer ends. First world problems…

Ace and Joker still continue the house hunt admist the summer fun, since the Needham digs fell through. Not sure where they will end up but at least they have a town house rented in Newton for September, about 10 feet from NW Hospital and much closer to Joker’s new job in Lexington. Joker jokes that he can just bring a monitor with him when Junior arrives so he can just watch the girls at home and be at the hospital at the same time. Ace is hopeful they will be settled in their new town by then, but time will tell. Until next time…