One Crazy Summer

So the summer has come to an end and Ace and Joker are closing it out in the desert sun of the Camelback Mountains in Scottsdale, AZ.  Call them crazy for travelling across the country to lounge about in 100 degree heat, but they really couldn’t decide where to go on this babymoon of theirs — Ace wanted the mountains and not the beach, Joker wanted good food.  They made a great choice and ended up in a quiet resort and spa tucked away in the mountains, but close to civilization, thanks to the recommendation of one of Ace’s colleagues who has exquisite taste in all things life related.  Allegedly, Tiger Woods ex-wife hid out here for 3 months during the news break of his wild ways — we can see why.  The trip has been nothing short of wonderful — spa, gym, books, pod-casts, great food, good blood sugar (!), and pool time galore.  Ace even finished the Deputy’s one year photo album — something she’s has on her list for 6 months.  Yippee!  Umbrella cover is key in this heat, but the pure relaxation and one-on-one company has been just what the doctor ordered.  Now, Baby Boy just needs a name — though on this blog it’s been decided he will be called Chief.  One other decision that has been made — Ace and Joker have renewed their commitment to keep up the couples-only quick getaways each year — good the soul, good for the kids, and certainly good for them 🙂

Meanwhile, the Sheriff and Deputy have rounded out the summer with a city sleepover weekend with AK and “Wessy” followed by a few days with Babs and Ah-choo up on Drakes Island, before they take off for Deutschland for a month to help with the arrival of Baby Boy Butzlaff.  They surely will be missed but their company and help certainly will be welcomed as the Butzlaffs get settled into their new home and new life in Germany.

The Sheriff and Deputy had a blast living it up in Southie again — who says you can’t go home??!  A couple drive bys of the old G Street barracks were in order, as well as trips to the Science Museum, the Children’s Museum (per the Sheriff’s request), M Street Park, and Local for dinner.  It was great to be back!  And now they are having one last superb summer weekend in Maine with their grandparents — hitting the beach (we’ve discovered that August water is much warmer in Maine and the girls have been loving it!), Big Daddy’s for ice cream, driveway play, and the local parks.  Good times are being had by all!

Stepping back a bit, August was a crazy month with the early arrival of Cousin Charlotte on July 28, and Auntie Ace’s quick visit to help the $ Village the following weekend.  The little nugget was only 4 lbs 10 oz at birth but has been exceeding expectations everyday, getting out of the NICU in what felt like record time and gaining weight like a champ.  She’s a little miracle and everyone is so happy she is thriving — and luckily the Sheriff and Deputy have not received any complaints about G$ treatment of his baby sister to date. Babci and Dziadz have both made trips to the ATL to meet their new grand-baby and help in any way they can — anything from feedings, to laundry, to errand-runner, to organizing the $ basement.  No doubt, Auntie is going to miss her life assistants when they leave, though she certainly has transitioned to life with 2 babies with relative ease.  Cheers to Auntie and all that she and Chris$ have been through this past month.

August also brought a great trip to the Cape, dialed back this year with just Ace, the girls and Babci, but still fun and memorable!  A surprise visit by Joker on a rainy Wednesday made for a great day trip to the Mashpee Kids Museum, as well as the usual beach trips, boogie boarding fun in the water and on the shore (what a work out and kuddos to Babci for all of her water time with the Sheriff!), Sundae School for ice cream, pool and sprinkler time at the house, seafood dinners in and out, water balloon play, painting activities, and just classic summer fun.  Excited to get Auntie and her kiddos back in the mix next year.

And back at the Lake, all has been well.  Super Dziadz continues to be so helpful with the girls (as well as sleep deprived I think) — helping Ace so much especially when Joker is traveling for the new job or at the City Condo.  Dziadz and the Deputy have developed a special bond that is clear to anyone around, and he and the Sheriff have developed some sneaky secrets that they often whisper about — special treats and cartoon time in Dziadz’s room when they think Ace isn’t watching and doing her mom things– but Ace is always watching 🙂

As we enter September, it’s full speed ahead to close on the Newton House and get it move-in ready.  The Newton House is where Ace and Joker will bring Baby Boy home to in October, and where they hope to have lots of happy memories with their three kids, each other, and the many others they love and cherish.  Lots to do in the days and weeks ahead, but it’s all good stuff, and as Joker frequently says, Ace and Joker couldn’t be happier with the way their life turned out.  Newton, here we come!!