The Chief’s Arrival

October 15,2014.  A great day in the wonderful life of Ace and Joker.  They welcomed their third child a day before their 5th wedding anniversary and less than two weeks after moving to their new home in the burbs.  There has been a lot of “new” recently — a new car for Joker, a new school for the Sheriff, a new nanny for the kiddos (and Ace!), a new couch and dining room table and lots of other new house stuff, and best of all, a new baby brother and son!

Chief’s arrival went as scheduled, sort of.  He arrived at 1:14pm via c-section, got a great Apgar score, cried right out of the tummy, and was held by Joker at Ace’s side for a good 20 minutes while Ace was put back together again on the table.  Chief weighed in at 8 lbs 10 oz, 22 inches and surprisingly let the Deputy reign as the weight champion of the family, but Chief did take the length crown (his sisters were both 21.5 inches).  All three babes came with a full head of dark hair (explains the heart burn) and spitting images of Joker (and each other).  Once again, Joker proclaimed in the OR that they can cancel the DNA test — forever a comedian that guy is!

Chief has had a little bit of rough start with his lungs not quite working as they should — we will be forever grateful to the nurse in Ace’s recovery room who caught the issue and got him special care stat.  Chief is progressing slowly but surely, and Ace and Joker are getting a handle on the situation, making sure all of the kiddos needs are met.  Once again, they are so grateful for all of the helping hands they have around them to assist — they couldn’t get through these days without their families that’s for sure.  And they are immensely grateful for the amazing care Chief is receiving at the hospital.  All of the doctors and nurses have been wonderful, supportive and caring.  Takes a special person to work in this field, that’s for certain.

Hopefully Chief’s stay in special care will be limited and he can come home and finally meet his sisters, who run around the house yelling his name.  It’s so cute.  Ace misses them terribly, spending as much time with Chief at the hospital as she can, but needs to be with him right now.  The Sheriff made Ace’s day yesterday when she proclaimed “I’m so happy you’re back.”  And the Deputy could not be more adorable with how she pronounces her brother’s name — Yack, Yack, Yack.  (That’s what she says when she’s not yelling her new favorite word — “cheeseburger.”) Hopefully, Ace, Joker, the Sheriff, Deputy and Chief all will be together soon, and they can get started on their new life as a Party of Five.

Stay strong little man.  We know you are working hard trying to fix those lungs up.  We are here for you, today, tonight and always…xoxo