Hello 2015

The Christmas season has come and gone, and though the lights are still up on the outside of the house, we are settling into life in 2015.  The Sheriff and Deputy had a blast with Friday the elf (“Alli, Friday’s watching” says the Sheriff to the Deputy) and Santa (though the Deputy’s mall Santa picture was epic, she developed an affection for St Nick late in the season and would yell SANTA!! every time she saw one anywhere.  She even mistook some red-uniform wearing football team that escapes Ace’s memory at the moment for a team full of Santas.  It was funny and in true Deputy fashion, crazy adorable.)  Needless to say, the magic of Christmas was in full swing at the Newton barracks and everyone present had a blast with it.

Ace and Joker both were home for about 2 weeks around the holidays; Ace winding down her precious mat leave and Joker enjoying a little gift from his company of Christmas week off.  It was such a great time packed with lots of people and fun.  Ace and Joker hosted their first dinner at the Newton barracks with the Sherry fam, went to DI for Christmas Eve, hosted “all the family” on Christmas day (Joker’s roast was top notch and Ace has decided to boycott the local coffee shop/bakery that charged her $28 for an 8 inch pecan pie! insanity!), had the Lynch mob over for brunch shortly after Christmas, hit the Children’s Museum and a successful, melt-down free Friday night dinner on the town as a family of five after the girls took a train ride into the city with Joker, had a play date with the MPS crew at the barracks, went to Disney on Ice with Dziadz and Ace, had a playdate with the Best Nanny Ever and secured an invite to her May wedding (yeah!), and had the Bowdoin girls and their wonderful families over for Ace’s New Year’s Day Bday Brunch.  Ace and Joker luckily had an afternoon to themselves to celebrate Ace’s 28th bday, sat in the same seats at Neptune for lunch, and had the same meal that they did on maybe their 4th date, and then took in a Celtics game (one of their fave things to do together).  Lots of good times and hurricanes galore plowed through the play room barracks during this holiday season, but good times were had by all!

As January sets in with its subzero temps, lots of Frozen is being watched at the barracks (“Elsa Anna” is what the Deputy calls it) and Ace is getting ready to go back to work (cue the tears), and wondering how she ever is going to shower every day and keep the train on the tracks at the barracks.  With a ton of help from Joker (best husband and dad ever in her biased opinion), it will all get done.  Again a huge shout out to the best support network ever in all the grandparents and AK for all of their help these past few months helping us get on our feet as a family of five and settled into our home.  Though Ace certainly is nervous about her return to work and will miss most things about being a SAHM, she is just thankful the Captain is thriving, growing so much (he’s tall, there’s no question about that) and generally continuing to be an awesome little guy.  The Captain has got an easy going personality just like his dad (except when he’s wet or hungry just like his dad), and as Joker watched the Pats win last night at his buddy’s house, Joker looked forward to sharing a night like that with his son someday.  The Sheriff will likely want to cheer on “one-one” too (her fave player right now b/c he’s “so fast”) and the Deputy may be yelling “Santa” at the screen, but it’s guaranteed to be a good time.  If there is one thing that Ace and Joker are good for, it’s having a good time.  Hopefully that somehow translates into raising good kids too!