Snow-mageddon — the winter of 2015

Christmas came and went and we didn’t get much snow. And then it was time for Ace to go back to work at the end of January and the snow gods realized she just wasn’t quite ready for her last maternity leave to be over.  She wasn’t quite ready for afternoon snuggles to be swapped out for meetings and conference calls.  So the snow gods covered the region in snow, snow and more snow.  70 inches of snow by the end of it all.  Resulting in Ace having a bunch more days off for snuggles with her little man and story times and gym classes with her favorite girls.  Meanwhile, Joker shoveled and shoveled and shoveled and broke 3 shovels and then broke a snow plow, hurt his shoulder and shoveled some more.  And then Joker threw some of Ace’s tights on the roof to try to melt the ice dams.  It’s hardly been above 3 degrees lately so its unclear how effective the roof hoisery will be on the ice dams, but we shall see.  Thankfully, no leaks yet at the Newton Barracks, but the melting has only just begun.  The North End Barracks is another story, but thank goodness for easy-going, middle-aged male tenants who don’t lose their cool over a little rain in their room.  All in all, this past month has been crazy snowey and mad cold.  The Sheriff and Deputy haven’t had too many opportunities for snow play since they’d disappear if they tried walking in the yard…and the Sheriff is tall!  But they certainly are champs at bundling up, matching their mittens and putting on their boots.  Since it seems like the snow will be around until like early June at this point, hopefully we’ll have a few opportunties to take them sledding.  Followed, of course, by hot chocolate — a Sheriff requirement after being outside for more than say 3 minutes these days 🙂

Winter also means the Deputy turns 2 and the Sheriff turns 4.  Where has the time gone?  Party hardy folks, and that we did (once the blizzards stopped and we were able to move forward with the celebration a week behind schedule)!  The girls had a great time at their beach-themed family birthday party — I think everyone needed a little taste of summer to ease the pains of Snowmageddon!  Since the Deputy loves to pretend she’s going to “da beach,” and Joker needed an excuse to shovel out the grill and wear a Hawaiian shirt, the theme was perfect, and a good time was had by all.  Who doesn’t love burgers and dogs in the middle of February?!  And the Deputy loved her scooter and helmet from Ace and Joker.  Can’t wait for the snow to melt to get her scooting around town!  She’s just so darn cute!

The Deputy also got her own Elmo cake compliments of Ace’s Bakery, and the Sheriff got Frozen cupcakes for hers.  Ace’s Bakery keeps odd hours — 9pm-12am ET.  While Ace is by no means Martha Stewart, she does like dabbling in the art of cake baking and decorating for the kiddos’ birthdays.  But when serving a crowd, Ace prefers to outsource the job to the professionals.  She tried a new West Roxbury bakery this time around called Sugar and the feedback was positive!  There may be a new bakery of choice in the family.  Time will tell.

The Sheriff’s 4th birthday party with her friends was a huge hit as well.  At Inside Playground in Watertown, with 20 of her closest friends, the Sheriff lived it up in jumpy house/play space heaven.  With solid turn out from the ACNS classmates and the ususal other suspects, the Sheriff had a great morning pajama party.  Though Ace and Joker had to tap into her first semester of college tuition to fund the affair, it was well worth it to see the Sheriff running around holding hands with her friends having a blast.  How time flies.  Our little baby is growing up!  Where does the time go??  And for her gift — a brand new blue balance bike!  Can’t wait to get her outside with this and teach her how to ride it.  So much fun to come this spring.

Happy happy birthdays to our darling little girls!!!  We love you!!