Summer Days with the Famdamily

If there is one phrase that describes August 2015, it very well could be chaos abounds at the barracks and beyond.  With the Sheriff’s preschool closed for the whole month of August, Ace and Joker had to patch together day care options for the little lady.  Lots of days in Maine at Babs and Ah-Choo’s where little kids’ camp was priority #1, followed by Big Daddy’s ice creaming, beach timing, pirate shipping, tomatoe picking with Ah-Choo and lipsticking with Babs.  And Drakes Island beach never disappoints, especially at low tide.  August brought warmer water and lots of water time for the girls!

A week at the Cape with Ace, Auntie, Babci, G$, the Deputy and Captain of course, and the Lipski ladies.  The girls loved hanging with their cousins of all ages.  It was like three sets of twins under one roof — Ab and Nat, G$ and the Deputy, and the Captain and CK$.  Thank goodness for Babci and Cioci Julie – holding down the fort and helping so much with all the kiddos.  Highlights were a great beach day at Mayflower and a few at West Dennis, a successful meltdown free dinner out at Chapins (yeah!), playground runs, a rainy afternoon at the Cape Cod kids musuem, a visit from Dziadz, some beautiful photos, and all around QT with the cousins.  Next year, we look forward to the little ones being another year older for this trip 🙂

Then came a few days at the Lake with Captain Dziadz where MPS tennis camp on the to-do list.  Per usual, the fishies and duckies were well fed, the kyak was much enjoyed and the Deputy fell off the dock a couple times.  Good thing for a fast acting Joker …and life jackets!  The $ kids bday party was another nice day with the fam-damily at the lake — did someone bring the tank of gas for the grill?!

Next came some fun adventures with the Sheriff and AK around the big city where the Sheriff made out like a bandit and got brandy new, hot pink, big girl sneakers with real ties at Nike Town!  Thanks AK!  And she also had a blast in Sudbury with the Lipskis skateboarding, making cupcakes, and mini-golfing with ice cream — all in one day!

Meanwhile, the Deputy never disapppoints with her quick wit and silly personality, and awesome vocabulary, particularly when she replaces “my” for “I”  (“no my want to”; “because my want to”)   She also has been on the high speed potty train this month, but it’s not really going anywhere.  Her ACNS start looks like it’s going to be delayed unfortunately due to her refusal to be bribed by cookies, M&Ms, and ice cream.  Ace & Joker will try anything — she just won’t bite!  Stubborn Polack!

And the Deputy continues to be a happy happy Jack!!  The kid is just so good natured, smiling so much, loving his mommy (I hope always!), and boy, can he eat!  Breakfast the other day consisted of two eggs, a bannana, a piece of french toast, blueberries, and some sausage.  He’s 10 months!  Not walking et but close.  Looks like the Deputy is going to take the birth weight champion title of the three kiddos(8.9, 10.1, 8.10lbs), and the first walker title (14 mos., 10 mos., ___ mos.), and possibly best sleeper.  The Captain certainly is not getting the best sleeper title, but has FINALLY started sleeping through the night.  Just took one miserable night. Sorry buddy!!

In other Captain-related news, his christening was a nice hot Sunday at an air condidtioned BC law chapel with cousin CK$, with a family party back at the Lawn on A.  Blue Ribbon catering never disappoints, nor does Fr Fred!  Love that guy.  Such a nice day with all the family, as the Sheriff used to say.

The Sheriff and Joker both got new bikes in the month of August.  So sporty and a great thing for them to do together.  A healthy fall is in store for the gang of 5 with lots of sports, exercise and healthy eating– of course with a few parties thrown in there.  The summer of 2015 is officially in the books and the bags have been unpacked one last time.  What a great one it was.  We’re onto Cinncinnati.