Happy Birthday Captain Jack!!

Hard to believe a year has passed since our happy little man arrived!  What a year it’s been.  We are just about settled into life as a family of five, but admittedly it took a while.  Managing 3 under 4.5 can be quite a comedy routine sometimes.  We can probably think of other words to describe it too…but we survived and everyone is happy and healthy, albeit, a bit sleep deprived!  We couldn’t be happier with the way things are right now.

As for the Captain, he’s taking some steps and will be full blown walking very soon.  He’s also eating toilet paper, pulling hair, playing under the table and in the dishwasher, climbing on anything, playing in the cabinets, eating us out of house and home already, and smiling so much!  He hasn’t quite mastered the Deputy’s favorite adorable phrase right now “I love too too!” but we are not worried. Boys are slow, right?!

The epic Octoberfest birthday party at the barracks we were planning for the little guy (and us, let’s be honest) got foiled by a rainy and cold forecast.  So thankfully at the last minute the Southie bowling alley came through for Ace, and we were able to pull off a throw-back 1st birthday party, just like the Sheriff’s.  It was nice to be back in the old hood, lots of memories there!

Soccer and swim are in full swing, and of course the Sheriff’s dance class – the thing she loves the most right now.  Thankfully the parents there are the chillest around – the soccer parents are the worst!  The Sheriff tried out golf in the early fall too- it was “something to do” as Joker would say.

The Deputy came through like a champ and dominated potty training in the end and was good to go to ACNS full time as of Columbus Day.  We said good bye to CCLC and the Deputy is now in the Pony class at ACNS with the Sheriff, learning more songs than ever before!   The girls favorite thing to do right now is to dress up in Ace’s closet with her high heel shoes on at night and give a performance for Ace and Joker before bed – some versions of “Where Oh Where is Jack O Lantern?” “5 Little Pumpkins” or “The Nut Song.”  It’s super cute.

We had a nice trip to Edaville Railroad over Columbus Day weekend, a nice fall picture session in the Boston Commons and dinner on Beacon Hill, a trip to the local church pumpkin patch, a play date with the Sheriff’s friends, a trip to Bowdoin for Homecoming, Ace and Joker’s 6th wedding anniversary, and lots of Halloween fun.  It’s been nice to be home and just spend time with the family.  Happy fall 2015 — such a great time of year!