No Like Santa!!!

Well, if there is a theme to the Deputy’s holiday-ing, it has to be that “No like Santa!!”  They say that fear of characters is a sign of intelligence, and I sure do hope so because if “they” are actually right for once, this child is a genius.  And then some.  The level of fear that reaches her body when the old guy is in the same room as she is for real!  Outside Santa’s house this weekend at Santa’s Village with the Sherrys, she was shaking so badly.  And it wasn’t that cold out.  The little lady has a serious issue with the old guy.  She also seriously dislikes cats.  But she adores her grandfathers.  “where the grandfathers?” “I’m gonna draw my grandfathers” She is such a funny kid.  She cracks Ace and Joker up every. single. day with her playful deep voice and crazy lines.  “I love you too too” is Ace’s favorite.  Goppy is her imaginary friend — who happens to be “both a boy and a girl.”  “Who’s An-f-ony?” “I want to look at pictures on your phone.”  “everybody, do the jack”.  Oh that little girl has brought us so much joy, words can’t even explain it.  She’s had a tough year being dethroned by the Captain, so Ace and Joker try to do little things for her when they can.  Stubborn and headstrong, she lights up a room and melts her heart with her sweet smile. The Sheriff takes such great care of her at school – they sit together at lunch, nap together and the Sheriff lets the Deputy play with her friends.  Oh can they fight, but their bond is so strong already.  It’s one of the greatest joys of my life to be able to watch grow.

The Deputy is finally sleeping in her own own room, since the Captain now has the Red Sox room. All three kids sleeping in three separate rooms, none of which belong to Ace and Joker.  Woo hoo.  The gift of sleep may have just returned to the barracks.  Ace and Joker are pretty much giddy given how rested they now feel.  It’s like 2009 all over again!  Well, sort of!