The early part of 2016

It was a great holiday season and start to 2016 at the barracks.  Christmas highlights included the American girl extravaganza with dolls, outfits and accessories abounding, a doll house residing now in the Deputy’s room, fun board games, Elsa hats, Northface jackets, new kicks for the Captain, a fun Christmas Eve at the Lipskis with a quality Yankee Swap, and a great family Christmas at the barracks.  The Captain also has been enjoying his trucks, his balls, and his cookies (3rd kid!), as he hugs his way around the house, pointing, shaking his head when you ask him to say Mama, and generally just stealing heart with that sweet smile.  He may not say much but he’s such a love bug.

January 2016 brought a new babysitter – April on Mondays and Wednesday mornings, more YMCA basketball with the Ducks and Coach Mommy (love it!), another round of swim classes at Boston College, the Deputy’s start to dance class on Thursdays, a trip to Maine while Ace was in St John for a long girls weekend, and sledding at cousin Caroline’s birthday party!

As for the babysitter payroll, April joins the ranks of Tanya and Rachel in our current mix.  Love all of them.  Tanya promises free braces for the kids someday.  We need that in writing.  She’s our local yocal who helps me navigate Williams, Auburndale Station camp and where to sled.  Rachel is like Ace’s little sister on Fridays– she’s such a kind soul and so good with the kids.  And April is still new but seems great.  We are lucky to have such awesome help!  Before that we had Cassie for the summer — she was just OK, kinda hard to talk to.  Then there was Becky.  We loved her and could always tell when she’d gone out boozing the night before.  Sweet girl.  Just not as motivated as Tanya, that’s for sure!