Disney Bonanza 2016

What a great trip we had with the whole famdamily (as Joker would say) at the Grand Floridian, the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and MGM Studios.  So grateful for Babs and A-Choo’s generosity for this 40th wedding anniversary celebration trip. Ace and Joker can only hope they will be so lucky to do such a trip with their grown kids and their kids some day!!

A kickoff family dinner at Disney Springs started the trip off so nicely.  The Deputy began her love affair with carousels that night and it continued the whole trip.  The GF pool was a big hit with the girls on Sunday — the Sheriff did the water slide solo and the Deputy did about 100 jumps without a life jacket.  So proud of both of them!  And the Captain was a little water bug too — he’d stay in all day if we let him.  A huge thanks to AK for all she did the whole trip for us, and esp for the special girls treat of princess pedicures.  #sospoiled #bestauntever.

The Hoopty Doo review was awesome on Sunday night!  Can’t beat the fried chicken, corn bread and mashed potatoes.  Not to mention all the booze you can drink!  Best deal in town.  And so good, so good!  Babs and A-Choo did a little wedding anniversary dance and the kids loved “A-Choo’s friends.” (aka the people in the show).  The Sheriff even wanted to get on stage but had to find her way back to the table when they told her the cast had been filled.  That girl has so much confidence — love it! #girlpower.  Ace also had an early-in-the season reminder about why moms never should wear white jeans.  But she will continue to do it again, again and again in the coming months.  Thank goodness for bleach.

Monday morning, the princess breakfast in Norway was perfect and all the girls loved having their pictures taken with the leading ladies…and the lack of people at that hour at the park was just divine.  So.many.people.pouring through the gates at Disney.  It’s truly incredible.

Best part of Epcot may have been the amazing playground!  The Captain didn’t want to leave.  Except when he and Cousin O were asleep at the wheel and both took a snooze for Babs in the stroller.  #strollersnoozesarethebest

The Magic Kingdom of course never disappoints and it was great to be back.  The girls had a blast.  A special moment for Babs was the all family ride through Small World.  No wait, no changes, just like Dziadziu would have had it!

A-Choo especially enjoyed his Dole whips and took the Captain to the Polynesian Tuesday night to share one just with him — so lucky! The Captain also enjoyed eating (someone else’s) gold fish that had spilled all over the ground at the MK — will somebody feed this kid?

Highlights for the girls were the carousel, the tea cups, the race track (esp with Onkle Karsten), Dumbo, staying up late 2 nights at the MK and watching the fireworks, Splash Mountain for Ace and the Sheriff (though Ace teared up at the end regretting having put the Sheriff through that last drop!), the mine train roller coaster for all the Ardini ladies, Peter Pan for the Bardinis, the Sheriff playing the Beast with Belle (the Deputy was a salt shaker), and the Pirates of the Caribbean for the Sheriff (the Deputy made sure everyone at the park knew that “no like Jake.”)

The Captain was a good sport about the whole trip really, and tended to get fussy when his diaper was not yet changed at 3pm each day or when we ran out of yogurt tubes.  Or when he lost a cute Polo loafer at Epcot.  Can’t really blame the guy.  He did try to jump out of the boat into Small World, and got stuck in Space Mountain with Joker.  He did go on Dumbo with Ah-Choo and Ariel’s Grotto with Ace and the Sheriff.  He even had his own private Mickey and Minnie meeting while the Deputy was passed out in the stroller at Animal Kingdom – so special.  He slept in the bathroom and bonded with Cousin O. He rolled with it and we owe him one!

Speaking of characters, the Deputy basically managed to avoid all characters except for princesses and Doc McStuffins.  When the Sheriff met Donald at Animal Kingdom, Ace kept the Deputy facing the other way in the stroller.  She refused to meet Mickey and Minnie, Donald, Pluto, the Easter Bunny, or any other character along the way really.  To each her own!  She still had fun!

The Frozen sing- along was worth the price of admission at MGM, and Ace will never ever ever go on that insane Areosmith rocking roller coaster again.  But she and Joker did spend about 15 minutes of alone QT with the German kids, fed them ice creams and even managed to keep them clean (“Stacey get me those wipes STAT” yells Joker. Ace had never seen Joker so fired up over wipes before!).  They were so proud of themselves.  Cousin E reported that her fave part of the trip was seeing the Sheriff and Deputy – #sosweet #cousinlove #deutschland #girlpower.  She wants to know when we will be visiting Hamburg — to which Joker replied “when you get married.”  Always a Joker!

Thursday night pizza party with Babs and A-Choo was awesome — no parents allowed was the moto!  AK, Ace, Joker, Aunt M  and Onkle K had a big kids’ night out for sushi. So good and so nice of B&A to babysit.

Ace is going to take it easy on the pictures until this summer — the kids are a little over saying cheese and smiling.  But she’s happy to have gotten a few gems from the week long stay.  She knows everyone will look back on the trip with great memories and a lot of love. And hopefully Joker will make our kids the same kind of picture booklet with these photos when we return… in 35 years. 🙂