Captain Jack Turns 2!

Two years ago today, we brought you home from Newton Wellesley hospital little man.  You gave us quite a scare at the beginning there and I remember every second like it was yesterday.  And now you are 2.  Again, I sit here tonight wearing the same sweatshirt (that breast-milked stained blue zip up hoodie) that I lived in during your 10 day hospital stay and months thereafter.  I don’t think I’ll ever throw this one away either.

So we tried again to have the Bardini Octoberfest to celebrate you and our 7 years of marriage and all things fall, but again it rained.  We have such bad luck when it comes to parties in October!!  Good thing our wedding was so much fun.  Made up for the less than stellar weather.  Anyways, I digress.  Fast forward to today and we still had a fun little party to celebrate YOU – Team Sherry, the grandparents, Vin and Marilyn and of course AK.  You cried when we sang to you over Costco cake, but you loved the Mommy-made baseball cake for your actual day — you love balls!  Now that’s a word you definitely can say!!

Right now, you are known for being cuddly, happy, totally handsome (“that’s the best looking baby I’ve ever seen” says young guy at mini-golf course in Wells!), and smiley.  You love to give warm hugs and snuggle, you are obsessed with Wheels on the Bus aka “bus”, Elmo, balls, and trucks.  You like to play with trains, chase your sisters and tape.  You won’t sit still to read books but you finally sleep through the night!  You climb on everything and are so so strong.  You get injured about once a week b/c you play so hard. You love to climb on the piano, stand on the playroom couch arm, and jump.  I often say you’d burn the house down if we weren’t watching.  You love your avacados, yogurt pouches, nuts and crackers.

You simply are the most adorable little boy in the whole wide world and we are so lucky to have you.  We feel so lucky and love you so much!!!  Happy 2nd bday JCA!!  xoxo