Loose Tooth

The last couple months at the barracks have been pretty quiet, aside from the usual birthdays and parties, winter colds, snow days and snow play, swimming at the Marriott, playdates, ice cream at Cabots with Babci & Dziadziu, movie nights, and basketball. Quiet is good, we need it!!

Oh, I forgot about the quick surprise trip to Disney with the Sheriff and the Deputy so maybe things aren’t so quiet – a perfect little getaway with the little princesses.  Hopefully the Captain will forgive us someday for leaving him with the grandparents but we did have a blast on the short trip!  The yacht Club compliments of Shire was great, esp the pool and the girls loved meeting Elena and hitting the Frozen ride at Epcot on the last run of the day, though the Deputy still was a little skiddish with the characters.  The Sheriff loved Soarin’ with Joker and guess what the Deputy loved — the carousel!! We did 4 parks and one day and felt like Disney rockstars. Lots of quality time with the girls, the Hoop-de-doo Revue again, some great pool time, and just all together a magical time…again for the second time in a year!  These girls certainly are lucky….

Hard to believe the Sheriff and Deputy turned 6 and 4.  The tea party family party before Babs and Achoo took off for FLA was perfect and Ace loved using the goodies of Great Grandma, Great Babci and Babci for the table’s centerpiece.  The girls also enjoyed a wild animal party themed joint bday party with all their friends, hot and sweaty on a warm February Saturday evening at their favorite playspace….still the only place Ace can take all 3 kids and not worry…too much!

These babes of ours are growing up way too fast.  So cliched but it feels like yesterday we were bringing them home from Newton Wellesley to Southie.  And now we are talking about renovating the Newton barracks, working on sight words and reading, loosing teeth (the Sheriff lost 2 in March!) and laughing at the Deputy’s good humor  (she definitely gets it from Joker…”booty butts…Never!!…my mom, she’s all over the place”).  The Deputy had her first date with Ian at Shake Shack in March – those two are so damn cute.  She claims they will get married some day!  So sweet.

Meanwhile the Captain’s words are coming along so well.  Putting words together and short sentences.  He’s doing great and continues to climb on every counter, table and stool he sees.  He’s such a little boy. Annoying his sisters and giving hugs all the time. Such a lovable little guy, his “yeeeeeahs” and “ok mama’s” always make me smile.

While Ace and Joke never know what sleep will look like on any given night, we are making it work and trying to make time for ourselves and each other. We are so lucky…