Goodnight Moon

Some nights, many moons ago, when the Sheriff was just a baby, I read the old classic Goodnight Moon, so many many times in that peaceful little whimsical nursery in Southie that I came to have it memorized.  So many precious memories rocking our precious baby girls in that perfect little corner on G Street.  Then there was the summer that we lived at the Lake, and we only packed up a handful of books with us that we read over, and over and over again — Moon being one of them, and Blub Blub Fish, and a few George books.  In the womb, the Captain must have heard those books hundreds of times!

Tonight was one of those nights where the Captain needed a quick bedtime, having stayed out too late with Joker and the Sheriff at Shake Shake while the Deputy partied in Webster with Babci & Dziadziu and Ace got her hair done.  The Captain isn’t one to sit still during books anyways, generally he prefers to jump all over the reader, or his sisters, or run around the room during storytime.  And lately, once he’s calm, he’s been wanting to snuggle on his couch, “down there,” before heading to his crib, which inevitably leads to lots of snuggles and maybe even some shut eye for Ace.  In lieu of a book in the evening dusk, I found myself reciting Goodnight Moon to him, a move I’ve had to use lately with him to settle him down, along with my famous renditions of “Ballgame” and “Hush Lil Baby” per the Captain’s requests (trust me, no one else ever needs to hear those!).  And hey, it counts as reading, even if the book itself is nowhere in sight…right?!  Ok, so maybe it’s called listening not reading, but in any event, the Captain knows the words now to Moon, and as he recited them back to me, it made me think back to Southie, the Lake and all those nights of reading this simple kids’ classic to all 3 kiddos.  And it made me smile.  Goodnight little Sheriff, goodnight little Deputy, goodnight little Captain, Mommy and Daddy love you very much….