Drink a Beer, Sing a Song, Make a Friend, Can’t We All Get Along…

That was our summer’s family theme song in 2018.  We listened to that awesome Kenny Chesney song every single ride north to Drakes Island, especially on Friday afternoons, radio blasting, everyone singing.  It was the best.  That song will forever remind Ace of happy summer memories, driving hundreds of miles around New England all summer along in some fierce traffic, to be near the water, family, friends and so much fun.  So worth it.  If there is something we do right in this family, it’s have fun!  Some people think we are crazy b/c we never sit still.  We think we are lucky.

So this was the Summer of Seven Camps for the Sheriff.  Not sure we will do that again but she had a blast at every one.  Made friends, adapted each week to her new surroundings, discovered gimp and new bracelet making techniques, built some robots, shot some hoops, ate some Wallys, road the bus out to Chickami, and Ace only forgot a few pieces of paperwork along the way.  The Deputy got accustomed to her new school at Auburndale Station, loved the fieldtrips, made her own friends without the Sheriff around all the time, took some tennis lessons, jumped off the diving board and dock and swam solo in the deep end, and she too had a blast along the way.  And of course the Captain continued to make us laugh with his silly ways – he loved ACNS camp and Kids Korner more, esp the spray park.  He made some buddies too, mostly at DI.  And given his aversion for beach hats, had the blondest head of hair by summer’s end and a killer tan.

The kids had an amazing summer at DI – riding bikes solo to the playground was a HUGE deal and so liberating for the girls, lunches with friends, QT with the cousins, Little Kids camp, so much beach time with their crew, making sea “perfume,” finding beach treasure and buckets of snails, boogie boarding and surfing!  The water was warm and the wine was free flowing.  Friday night beach pizza was always a hit, as was rocks (meatballs) and shells with Babs and Achoo.  Ace loved playing tennis and miraculously scored the best record all season.  Joker loved the brewery trips and being so mobile this year.  Big Daddy’s, food trucks, smores at #2, Sea Dogs game and trolley ride with the DI crew, mini-golfing in 100 degree heat, Old Orchard beach for the night, and precious time with family and friends.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

And of course there is more.  We had some great cook outs at the Lake, jetskiing and swimming.  So much fishing, dock jumping and grilling galore.  The cape, as always, was a great week away.  Perfect days at Corporation, the cousin squad rode bikes all around, they loved the candy store (where the Sheriff completed her first in-store purchase solo with $) and the had the best (and most lucrative) lemonade stand in town.

We completed our family bucket list late in the season with a trip into Fenway (not the park, just the T stop 🙂 We rode bikes together, read a few books, played Monopoly, chess and Uno, and really just loved being together.  “All the family” as the Deputy used to say.  One of my favorite kid sayings ever.