2019 – The Year of the House

The year is almost over and our renovation adventure is coming to an end. What an experience that was, and what memories were made as we watched the barracks get gutted down to the 1825 floor boards. Who knew that the Deputy had a fireplace (now gone) in her closet!

We packed up after Christmas, moved to West Newton, unpacked, packed up again, had a month in Maine in August, did more packing, a local AirBnB in the hood, a week in Cambridge with Casco and her parents, and then finally home. It’s no wonder everyone looks a little tired. But we are home, somewhat settled, and loving the outcome. So much planning, deciding, negotiating. Too much grey? Too much blue? It all worked out and now we just need some rugs, some pictures, and some grass. All in due course!

The kids didn’t miss a beat and loved the adventure of moving to a townhouse for 9 or so months. The neighbors probably weren’t too thrilled but c’est la vie. Ace grew tired of looking at moving boxes, but it was a nice break from the pressure of House Perfect!

The Easter Disney trip was so so fun with the Ferragutos — too many memories to even try to relay here. See the photos! Probably the best trip yet given their ages and ability to do so much more. Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Everest, Avatar (plus 9 fast passes for Joker being too tall!). It was all such a blast.

Once again we had a summer of fun — one of key family goals!! Be honest, be nice, have fun, try your hardest, have fun. A month in Maine is how we roll now, hopefully!! Lots of time with family and friends, surfing, growing more independent with solo bike rides, a great day at the Creek in September, lemonade stands, sand castles, jetty runs, crabbing, Big Daddys and more. And down by the Lake, the kiddos loved Auntie’s new water carpet investment. Hours of fun wrapped up in a couple hundred bucks there.

Soccer is over, basketball is getting going, some Christmas decorations are up, with many more to come. Bring on the joy and magic of our favorite holidays!! xoxo