Miss M the Mascot

Fall is flying by and Ace and Joker can hardly keep up with the Sheriff. No surprise that she had a fun-filled October starting with a visit to Great-Babs followed by a road trip to Lake Placid for Jill and Derek’s gorgeous wedding. Ace thought she’d bring Dziadz to Sheriff-sit so he could show the Traveling Trio where all the magic happened during the 1980 Winter Olympics. Ace has vague memories of being there as a little one and surely Dziadz never thought he’d be back there changing his granddaughter’s diapers … a fun weekend for all!

The Sheriff also experienced her first (of many) trips to Bowdoin in October and like her Mama she mastered the art of doing some serious damage to the LL Bean credit card at the bookstore. A real treat was catching up with the The Wedding Photographer who grabbed some super cute shots of the Sheriff that soon will adorn the walls of the Southie barracks. As always, it felt good to be “home.”

Aunt M also came for a visit from across the Pond over her school break, and got some quality training time in with the Sheriff. Auntie also made the trip north for a few days with the Stapor family as they said goodbye to a very special Sister (and the Sheriff’s middle name sake). The Sheriff will forever have an angel looking down on her…

As the Sheriff prepared for her first Halloween (a busy time in the hood as she patrols the pumpkin smashers), she worked out at the local YMCA during Saturday morning swim classes. She can’t wait to show off her skills this summer!

Finally, Halloween Monday was a great time in Southie hanging on the front stoop with the neighbors, Ace, Joker, Aunt K and Kadee the Dog. The Sheriff’s detail included 600 pieces of candy distributed, one bottle, and 332 throws of her polar bear hat on the ground. In honor of the October Nor’easter and her first trip to Bobo, the Sheriff was the cutest little polar bear there ever was. Until the Sheriff can otherwise object, Ace thinks she will stick with a mascot theme for her Halloween costumes going forward. Up next? Eagle, tiger, golden knight…the possibilities are endless!

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