Back to Normal

Ace almost has recovered from the crazy days of Trial and everyone at the Southie barracks is getting back to life as they know and love it.  The dry cleaner no longer thinks Ace and Joker moved.  There is food in the frig.  And Joker even had time enough to take the Christmas wreath off the front door this weekend, though he really wanted to stick it out in true neighborhood fashion until St Patrick’s Day.  Ace vetoed that one.

In true cool-baby fashion, the Sheriff joined Ace, Joker and the Friends for Superbowl weekend in Arizona.  Grateful that the Friends let the Sheriff police the party that weekend, the Sheriff had a blast.  She was a hit on the plane with her fellow passengers, and she loved playing with Aunt K and her “purse full of tricks.”  Given her instincts to enforce the open container law and to quell rowdy behavior, the Sheriff had to restrain herself at the craziest golf tournament ever in Phoenix.  But when she got back to the Ranch, she let herself cut loose some —  played on the pool table and took a dip in the pool.  Despite the Patriots heartbreak, the trip out West was a much needed getaway for the Traveling Trio.

Not back for long, the Sheriff took off for Vermont to celebrate Mr. Lincoln’s birthday with her two of her favorite little guys, plus the parents of course.  Somebody had to drive.  A nice ride out to the country, the Sheriff caught up on some sleep and some tunes, and she got to take in the wisdom of the Adam Carolla pod cast.  Joker’s roaring laugh must have woken the Sheriff up a dozen times 🙂

A Valentine moment, Joker went to run some errands last weekend and came home with two adorable outfits for the Sheriff.  Never before had Joker bought the Sheriff clothes — Ace generally oversees that department.  But Joker thought he’d try his fashion hand and he even got the sizes right.  Ace thought it was the cutest thing ever.

Hard to believe but the Sheriff is going to be 1 in a couple weeks.  The Sheriff is talking up a storm, climbing any stairs she sees, and blowing the funniest kisses Ace and Joker have ever seen.  The Sheriff makes them laugh every day and they could not be having more fun with her.  She certainly is the life of their party.

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