The Circle of Life

Well, the holidays are done, Ace is another year older, and the waiting game for the Deputy has begun. February 8th can’t be here soon enough, though there still are a few things to do — tops on the list are set up the Sheriff’s toddler bed, stock the Deputy’s dresser with a respectable mix of new and old clothes, and spend too many hours perusing for adorable hats, bibs, bows and burp cloths.  Oh the joys of little girls!!  Even if the Deputy came tomorrow (which Ace would welcome minus the minor fact that Joker is out of town on business right now!), they’d be ready to go and can’t wait to become a family of four.

As she quickly approaches 2, the Sheriff is making Ace and Joker (and all who love her) laugh so much with her sweet and silly personality, notwithstanding the very serious persona she likes to portray in portraits.  It’s hard to believe that she will be an only child for only one more month!  Time certainly does fly when you are having fun.

The Sheriff had a fantastic holiday season filled with lots of family, friends, Polish pierogis and of course presents.  She discovered the joys of Santa, snowmen, Christmas carols, baking cookies, and lights on Christmas trees all around town (though she didn’t compromise a single bulb on ours!).  The Sheriff rang in the new year with her pals Miss Foxy, Billy the Kid and Sweet Carolyn, all supervised by The Chapman.  Collectively, a pound of pasta was left on the floor after the 5pm seating at Redd’s in Rozzie.  Oh how times have changed!

And as the new year started, the Sheriff said good bye to her Great Babci, a kind and loving woman who always smiled when she saw the Sheriff.  At their last visit, the Sheriff had so much fun pushing Great Babci around the nursing home in her wheelchair.  Joker and Aunt K captured some great pictures and videos that day — images that surely will be treasured forever.  Though Great Babci may be gone, her memory will live on, and another set of hands soon will be here for everyone to hold.  And so the circle of life continues…

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