This One’s For You Sweet Girl

Dear Deputy–

We can hardly believe that you have been on duty for nearly 8 months now.  It feels like yesterday that we were snuggled up in the cozy confines of Newton Wellesley Hospital during Super Storm Nemo, when we had you all to ourselves and got the first glimpse of what a happy, lovable, curious and content little babe you are.  Eight months in, and you’re still smiling.  You’re also almost sleeping through the night, eating lots of fruits and veggies, eating shoes of all types (you are partial to chomping on dirty Crocs, your FAVE), saying Dada, recognizing your name, taking swim lessons, and playing with the sock monkey, the leapfrog table, and anything that you can put in your mouth that the Sheriff has on the floor to help soothe those teeth.  You’ve conquered your fear of the tub and the car, but now disfavor getting dressed and you especially dislike the trash people at daycare.  You scream whenever they come in the room!  Must be the loud noises they make with those pesky bags.

I’m sure you’ve heard us say about 10 times a day, and it’s splattered all over your baby book, what a HAPPY baby you are.  Everyone says it.  They meet you for a minute, you flash your signature happy smile, and instantly you have stolen their heart.  You have this great toothless grin that instantly makes any day better, well, you have two bottom teeth right now, so you’re not exactly toothless anymore.  By far, my favorite part of every work day is when I walk into your daycare room, Infant B, to feed you every afternoon and you see me, you flash me a big happy smile, and you make a beeline for my feet.  I pick you up and kiss your happy cheek.  Pure joy.  You bring me and your daddy pure joy every day…which makes up for all the interrupted sleep, of course 🙂

You started crawling at 6 months, to the utter amazement of your teachers and everyone around you, except for us since that’s exactly what your sister did.  By now, you are picking yourself up, standing at the tubby, standing at the leap frog table, and climbing over anything you can propel your body over.  You are certainly on the move and your teachers predict that we are going to have our hands full with you.  They say they haven’t seen a baby as advanced as you in 5 years!  You are already are making us proud, and they are moving you up to the next infant room early because you are so advanced.  Slow down little lady — Mommy can’t take you growing up too fast!! I want to freeze time so that I can rock you to sleep every night, so I can hold you in my arms with your head resting on my shoulder, so you can always be my baby.

People keep telling me that you look exactly like your sister right now.  I don’t really see it but I do think you look like your sister did at your age.  And comparing pictures of you little angels is such a treat.  I especially love trying to trick your dad by showing him a picture and having him guess which daughter it is.  He’s right 75% of the time 🙂

You just love your sister.  You are always looking up to her and wanting to play with her at bedtime, even when she’s telling you to stop biting her!  We tell her you are just a baby and don’t know any better.  Luckily, we’ve done a good job of protecting you the last 8 months from your sister’s silly antics.  She’s learning to be gentle with you — sort of.  And she really loves to feed you, playing choo choo and airplane with your food.  She really does adore you and she calls you her baby.  It’s so obvious you are going to be such good friends.

Hard to believe we are more than half way through your first year.  We are so lucky and couldn’t be happier with our little family of four.  Keep smiling sweet girl.  We love you always.  xoxo


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