Name Change

It’s come to Ace’s attention that the Chief’s name (on this blog) should be changed.  Ace has always been a fan of Billy Joel and thinks Captain is a better fit.  And of course, Ace and Joker took some time to give the Captain his real name in the hospital, so it’s only fitting that there are name struggles for him on this blog too 🙂

Life at the Newton Barracks as a party of 5 is always lively and loud these days – someone’s always screaming, laughing, crying or yelling for one reason or another.  The Sheriff and Deputy have been keeping Ace and Joker on their toes (and on the bottle!  The Captain isn’t the only one these days 🙂  The Captain somewhat conversely has been the perfect baby since his homecoming.  Likes to party at 2am and sleep all day — kinda like his mama and daddy back in the day!  But other than that, he’s sweet, cuddly, and so lovable.  Ace and Joker are in love, once again.

Short post as we are on borrowed time this AM.  The Captain is about to wake, and the girls need their wildly fine hair combed before the day starts and Ace finds new strategies to protect the Captain from his sisters affectionate touches…



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