Safety First

Well, the Party of Five is in full swing at the Newton Barracks!  Ace pretty much has the routine down with the three kiddos during the day, though she still welcomes any helping hands at any time and really has been so lucky to have so much help these past few weeks.  If someone isn’t crying, then Ace is winning!  And when all three are napping at once, Ace is totally dominating (while furiously trying to get stuff done around the house).  As the pediatrician told her, with this age gap, the most important thing is keeping the kiddos safe…mainly from each other.  And boy, was the doc right.  Just today, Ace caught the Deputy (aka the resident troublemaker) sitting on the Captain’s chest and trying to put her fingers in his eyes, and then she bit the Sheriff on the face, leaving a serious red mark and a very unhappy big sister.  Maybe we call the Deputy Mike Tyson from now on…

Aside from the Deputy’s aggressive ways, the kiddos have all settled in quite well, all things considered with all of the changes as of late.  The Captain loves to snuggle with his mama and they do a lot of that at 3am.  He got his first cold (compliments of his sisters of course) but is eating like a champ and growing so much.  Everyone comments how big he is for 2 months – Ace’s response “he’s an Ardini!  And he’s certainly handsome, just like his daddy 🙂  He’s such a sweet baby.  Now, Ace just needs him to sleep a little more and all will be grand.  The Deputy is as silly, rambunctious and adorable as ever.  She is partial to  the command “Jack, floor” these days and has come up with a new word “Mama-Jack” (since she associates the Captain with Mom and vice versa).  All in all, the Deputy has adjusted quite well to the Captain’s arrival.  She really enjoys “driveway play” in the the morning after the Sheriff gets dropped off at school and the Captain is snoozing — some good quality time with Ace.  Ace also has enjoyed working on the Deputy’s letters, numbers and colors most mornings with her.  Hopefully some of it sinks in.  As of tonight, there still is just one color in the rainbow — yellow.  🙂  And the Sheriff is loving her new preschool in Newton and really doing well there.  She also is excelling as a big sister to the Captain — she loves to watch him when Ace needs to tend to the Deputy and is a champ at bouncing him in his seat, and putting his binky in when he’s mad.  She’s happy that we get to “keep him forever” and she “loves having a baby in the house,” but wants to know when the Captain will be able to play with her.  Too cute.

The Party of Five ventures off base occasionally and this past weekend even braved Fanueil Hall during an impromptu visit to good ol Stillman Place.  Ace never thought she’d be standing in one of her fave little places with her three little kids.  To steal a line from Joker, she’s really happy with the way her life turned out…

Ace and Joker are almost ready for Christmas and Ace is feeling more prepared than normal which is awesome.  Winning!  The girls are loving the antics of their elf on the shelf, Friday, though the jury is still out if he actually influences their behavior for the better.  The Sheriff is really getting into the Christmas spirit and has an affinity for Rudolph.  Meanwhile the Deputy has a serious dislike for Santa and can’t be within 200 feet of him without doing some serious yelling, and the Captain looks adorable in his little Santa hat and festive pjs.  Ho ho ho.  We have so much to be thankful for this holiday season.  xoxo.

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