Out of the Mouths of Babes

So, it’s been a while since I last wrote, mostly because I can’t stay up for the life of me at night.  The Captain doesn’t sleep much, eats lots, but isn’t a huge fan of more than 2-3 hours of sleep at a time.  Needless to say, Ace falls asleep 2-3 nights a week with one or two of the kiddos at about 8pm, wakes at 10-11pm, sleep walks her way through cleaning up the kitchen, just in time for the Captain to eat…again.  He’s definitely going to be a big boy with a love of food — the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  A few days ago at his 6 month mark, he started to eat avacados and squash and, if he’s good, maybe this weekend, he’ll get some spinach with apples or pears.  For someone who doesn’t love love cooking, Ace does enjoy making baby food.  She leaves the bigger cooking tasks to Joker most days, who is much more talented in the kitchen than Ace and frankly enjoys it more.  Joker’s latest amazing dish is spaghetti squash  with spinnach and goat cheese.  It’s so so good and the girls like it b/c they think they are getting pasta – a rarity in the generally low carb household.

So glad spring has arrived!!  Ace and Joker were about to check themselves into a looney bin March thanks to the Sheriff and Deputy’s crazy ways, but thankfully it seems like things have mellowed out some.  Maybe it’s b/c the snow is now gone and the winter from hell is over, and we are able to run around outside and enjoy the newly uncovered yard and outside toys.  Whatever it is, Ace and Joker are happy to have their patience back and glad things seem to be normalizing (somewhat) as a family of five.

The brightest spot in March was a wonderful visit by Aunt Mary, and Cousins E + O from Germany.  They stayed with the gang during he nanny transitions (you live and you learn!) and everyone just had a great time hanging out, playing, and catching up.  A highlight was a trip to the “Boston’s Children Museum” with dinner at Pastoral, a birthday party at a trampoline park with the Sheriff and Cousin E, and Easter in Maine.  Ace and Joker stayed at “#5”, the kiddos had a great egg hunt (times 5) at #2 compliments of Ah-choo, and the Sheriff, Deputy and Captain all looked adorbs in their blue seersucker.  Joker couldn’t stop Ace from dressing the Captain in knee socks and white boots with his shorts suit — he looked so handsome and Ace loved it.  Joker can dress the Captain for every Easter hereafter!

As spring abounds, the kids keep us laughing with the things they say and do.  The Sheriff likes to tell knock knock jokes about chickens and turkeys crossing the road (we saw a turkey in our yard the other night!).  The Sheriff also can be so so sweet when she gives you a random “Daddy I love you. ” or “Mommy, I love you.”  Usually, she’s not up to something and she’s just being the sweet Sheriff that she is, but sometimes she’s definitely buttering you up.  She knows how to play people even at such a young age.

The Deputy also has a silly knock knock joke too that she came up with all by herself “Knock knock.  Who’s there?  Cookie.  Cookie who? Cookie dog.  Big giggle.”  So cute.  The Deputy also loves to call her diapers “#5s” just like the beach house on Drakes Island, and tells Ace to “go faster” in the car.  She’s liking the potty and has made good progress on that front — minus her desire to pee in Ace’s closet after her tub which she’s done twice recently! Crazy lady!  She and the Sheriff also have a new favorite rock song they learned from Joker — Living After Midnight — but the girls call it the “Bowdoin Song” even though they don’t let Ace sing it b/c it’s “Daddy’s song.”

The Deputy now likes to sleep in the “toddler bed” as she calls it and has given up on her crib, even though Ace and Joker were not pushing her out of it.  She’s fallen out  a couple times but she has a hard head.  She has three favorite books right now — “Moon, Tree, and Numbers.”  aka, Goodnight Moon, the Giving Tree, and the Numbers Book.  She also loves singing…really loudly lately.  Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle, she’ll sing anything.  Look out The Voice.  We have one spunky toddler that’s ready for ya!!!



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