Summer of 2015

So, I generally try to do one of these a month but the reality of our life with three kids and no sleep has set in (the Captain only sleeps for a 2-3 hours at a time…stilll..and he’s 8 months old!).  Although Ace looks like she’s aged 10 years in 10 months, it’s all good.  But June pretty much past us by in a blur as we said goodbye to Grandma and all that was at Normandy Ave.  She was so special and will be my heart forever.

Turn around and today is July and now the Captain has a tooth, loves to eat shoes, crawl, hates bumps in the road, can pull himself up, loves to eat eat eat and talk talk talk.  But he doesn’t sleep.  Did I mention that?  But he is soooo darn happy and smiley, it’s hard to not have a melted heart around him.  He loves snuggles and laughs so much at his silly sisters.  They love to help with him — the Deputy especially loves eating his food, while telling Ace she is helping feed him.  She’s a good little negotiator even at 2.  She also is the funniest 2 year old around and is working on  her “I”s and “my”s – some favorite phraases right now are —  “yes my do” “my do it” “no can r’member.”

The gang is settled into life at the Newton barracks, making some progress in the decorating department, slowly but surely.  Ace and Joker sure do love entertaining and having cookouts and people over, even if the play room gets trashed beyond belief.  We just hosted the Teams Sherry for a nice little Friday evening the other day and lots of cousin play.

The Sheriff and Deputy are loving ice cream at Wally’s and Ace and Joker couldn’t be happier with the location of their home – walkable to everything imaginable, close to Boston and work, a great mailman, a pack of wild turkeys, and nice neighbors so far!

The summer of 2015 is in full swing and the girls are having a blast with Babci and Dziadz on their Thursday adventures — they’ve hit the Roger Williams Zoo, the Boston Children’s Musuem and Davis Farmland already (with Team Sherry).  Not sure who’s more pooped at the end of the day — the girls or B&D??!!

Right now, we are enjoying our annual trip to #5 at Drakes Island.  Such a special and beautiful place, and so fun to watch the Sheriff go to little kids camp this year and enjoy the beach so much.  The Deputy is loving the driveway play and tooling around on her trike.  She walks around like she pretty much owns the island!  We look forward to doing this every year!

Babs and Ah Choo are showing their grandkids a great time, as always, and the kids love playing with Cousins E and O.  The German flag is flying at #2 in our of the German statesman, Onkle K, in attendance this week.  Ah Choo even made a guest appearance this AM at #5 to make the girls pancakes.  So sweet.  Love hanging with Aunt M and AK, and Ace and Joker even had a great date night at the Tides Beach Club last night – such a treat for them!  The Permaguttos show up for the 4th! What a great week!!


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