A Preschool Graduate

It’s hard to believe that the Sheriff is officially a preschool graduate.  She did it, walked the ACNS lawn on Friday June 3 (Great Grandma’s 1st anniversary) and proudly got her diploma wearing her watermelon dress.  She sang songs with her friends and recited a poem, after the parents and grandparents were treated to a video montage capturing their fabulous year as Dinos with Dawn & Colleen, and after Ace and the moms shed a bunch of tears.  Feels like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital to the G Street barracks.  Feels like yesterday she was learning to run around M Street Park and Castle Island.  Now she zips down Maple Street on her two wheel bike, plays in her climbing tree or the dog pen pretty much unsupervised, and would run off to any of Newton’s playgrounds to play if we let her.  She’s a sweet, kind and sensitive soul.  She’s so perceptive and witty and responsible.  She is the self-proclaimed “rule follower” in the house and she always thinks about others.  She is so ready for kindergarten and she is bound to thrive at Williams.  She takes after her mom and does activity workbooks for fun.  She can print her name and spell Mom, Dad, Alli and Jack.  She can even do basic addition.  Go get em Mags! The world is yours…

And ACNS truly is a special place and we are so lucky it’s right down the street from us.  Both Maggie and Ace have made great friends there.

The Deputy also got to partake in the graduation day’s fun, and a popsicle at the Cove, but did NOT want her picture taken with her Pony class.  Her end of year performance was outstanding, just like her first dance recital where The Lion Sleeps Tonight was the biggest hit.  So.darn.cute.  The Deputy loves to watch the “bideo” of herself on stage over, and over, and over again. She also likes Ace’s homemade “basagna.”

And the Captain continues to bang around the house in all of his little boy cuteness.  Getting teeth has not been easy for the little man, but he’s almost there.  He’s working on more words and right now Dada is his favorite, along with “Yeah,” more, my turn, and ball.  He loves to point, play with his sisters in the garage and at the playground, play with bubbles, carry around a snack cup in one hand, drink out of a glass by himself, and is finally sleeping through the night and has taken over the status of best sleeper in the house.

The kids all enjoyed a weekend with Joker while Ace went to Nantucket in April, a weekend with Ace while Joker went to Vegas in May, a weekend up in Maine over Memorial Day for the Indy 500, and a weekend in Webster when Ace & Joker went to Mexico for a wedding.  Up next is Newport for Joker’s bday but then Ace and Joker are staying put for the summer with the kiddos and will enjoy some down time with them.  It’s been a whirlwind spring, filled with lots of travel and fun; it’s always something.  And that, my friends, is better than nothing.

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