The Night Before Kindergarten

I can’t stop thinking about the night before you were born.  I had fettucine alfredo for dinner and made Daddy take a shower about 9pm because the contractions were picking up.  I put my favorite Bowdoin sweatshirt on and off we went to Newton and our lives changed forever.

Five and a half years later, you are now sound asleep in our happy home Newton, and I wore that same Bowdoin sweatshirt to the Williams playground on Labor Day when all 5 0f us went to the playground this afternoon. We watched you ride your bike there,  we watched you play with your sister and go on to pontificate that the jungle gym wasn’t challenging enough for you!  We read a book about books tonight because you were so excited to start school tomorrow, you picked out your outfit, wanted to eat your grapes that were packed in your lunch, and practiced your teacher’s name, Mrs. Mulholland.  No one is more ready for school than you sweet girl.  You won’t look back and you will love every minute of learning and playing.  Your love of life, friends, learning and fun is so pure.  You are thoughtful, and kind and a natural leader.  You cried like I did when I was your age when you couldn’t make a perfect Number 2.  You still want to be a dentist and you said that you’d help the kids reach things that you could.  You are not one bit nervous, only excited.  You can even do simple math.  You are so independent, adaptable and well adjusted.  There is no question that you are going to be a star student.  You will study so much and work so hard and you will do so well.  I just know it.  You will do so very well.  xoxo

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