Odd Numbered Years

It’s been a while since I posted.  I try for once a month, which, over the holidays I really fell down on, this time.  The holidays are amazing. My favorite time of the year, followed closely by a few weeks in August.  But they are also exhausting.  I used to remember Babci always saying how much work they were but I never really appreciated it.  Until now. Here we are knee deep in toddler/little kid life, wanting nothing more but to make the most amazing, magical holiday memories for these munchkins, who, in a few years time, won’t be munchkins anymore, won’t love finding Friday, won’t scream bloody murder at Tuffles at the teddy bear tea or at Santa Claus at Edaville Railroad, won’t believe that Santa only brings 3 gifts, won’t want a laser show for our outdoor decorations, won’t sing christmas songs or read Christmas books until mid January, and won’t be saying cute things like “I’m Polish but I just don’t eat pierogis” (the Deputy).  A trip to ATL to visit Auntie and fam, ice skating with Achoo on Christmas Eve, Christmas parties galore, a hotel overnight in Boston with AK, a doll high chair, art easel, telescope and farm set later, the Sheriff, Deputy and Captain had a wonderful Christmas.

All that said, the holidays were a month ago and Joker and I have just about recovered, thanks to a glorious 40th bday getaway to St John for 5 nights.  Thank you Babs & Achoo for watching the kiddos, who all got sick and who got you sick.  You are total rockstars and we are better parents for it.  Pact was made to always get away for a mom and day getaway each year.  Good for the soul, good the marriage, good for the everything.

Putting aside the chaos that is now our democracy and holding strong in my faith in the judicial system to make things right, today we had a nice playdate with some Ardini second cousins.  Uncle Ted, a father of 3 and grandfather now of 2, shared some words that Ace really could relate to.  The odd numbered years are easier than the even numbered one.  I love this.  I’ve always loved my odd numbered years, of course with the exception of October 2014 when the Captain completed our crew.  Graduated from grammar school, high school, college and law school all in odd years.  Got married and welcomed the Sheriff and Deputy in odd numbered years. Ages 5, 3 and 1 gave us some hope that we could do this.  Ages 6, 4 and 2 are giving us a run for our money and less sleep than we ever thought we’d be getting at this ripe old age.  Hitting 40 was not the easiest for Ace and I’m sensing Joker won’t love it either.  39 forever is the motto around here.  Whether this odd/even mantra is just coincidence or an alternative fact, I suppose it doesn’t really matter.  Make every year count, every month, every day.  And here’s to 140 more.  Ok, maybe just 60.  But who’s counting…


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