Down There…Naggie!…I Love You Mommy…Big like Daddy…And Me…

Well, the Captain has certainly found his words!  “Lexa, play scheme song to Fireman Sam.”

Maybe they were stuck in a closet or hiding under his crib ( which he is still in and now jumps out of at 4am to snuggle with Ace and Joker) but they have appeared.  Maybe not always as clear as day, but he has some funny phrases and sure keeps us laughing.  There can be no question that the Deputy and Captain – along with their dad- comprise the comedic trio in the family.  Ace and the Sheriff make sure the house is full of emotion, fun, sweetness and responsibility.  Sometimes with a side of TV and sugar…well, lollipops these days as we try to potty train the heck out of the Captain.  Come on buddy – almost there!!

So a new school year has started after a fabulous summer running around New England.  The quick hits from the summer were the Deputy learning how to ride a two wheel bike in Maine, the Sheriff worked on reading her fave books, lots of great beach days at DI with friends and fam, our family bucket list complete!, smores with Babs and Achoo, adventure days with Babci & Dziadz, camp at Pomfret for a few days, Auburndale Station, swimming and dock jumping and fishing at the Lake, Friday afternoons with Ace and the kiddos, and so much more.  One thing we will never forget was our August of Fun at the barracks with Uncle Rick and Big jack staying with us, and occasionally Corin.  “I’m going to throw you in the sink.”  So many laughs and good times – and a good preview to life with a pre-teen boy!  Yikes!

As we settle back into the school routine, we are more grateful than ever for our family, our home, our support network, and our happy little life in our corner of Auburndale.  The Sheriff has Mrs Dickerson in 1st grade, the Deputy is a Dino and the Captain a Pony.  The little ones are settling into the routine at ACNS and the Sheriff is loving her new class and all her activities — soccer, Daisies, gymnastics and dance.  So much growth transpired this summer and so much more to come this year.  Can’t wait to see what is next for these kiddos!  xoxo

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