Fall 2017

Dear kiddos-

Someday mommy and daddy will talk to you about the last 3 months but for now, it just feels good to be back to normal (sort of) and writing a little about our nice, little happy life. It was a tough tough time for me, hands down the hardest time in my life and infinitely more so for Auntie, Babci and Dziadz (and someday your cousins will feel the pain too), but for now, we are all moving forward in 2018, putting pieces back together and starting over.  Cuz when life knocks you down, you get up, dust yourself off, you learn from the past, and you keep moving forward.  No one ever said it was easy….

Words can’t really describe all the emotions running through to my core these past few months – I hope you never ever feel the gut wrenching feelings I have had that are slowly subsiding but come and go as I work to untangle everything. This truly insane moment in time has taught me so deeply to accept what you cannot change, to literally stop, breath and take moments for me and only me because if you aren’t taking care of yourself you cannot take care of anyone else, and to be so eternally grateful for your supremely wonderful, loving and adoring dad and you kids – the best kids a mom could ever ask for.  We really are very lucky.  When I was gone in Sept and Oct, your smiling, adorable little faces kept me going. And when I got home and my head was in the clouds or I lost my patience, you didn’t hold it against me for me too long!  I know you don’t really get what happened but you do get that Mommy needs to help Auntie right now.  Thank you for letting me be there for her and your sweet cousins.  And likewise, I promise you I will always be there for you, no matter what, through thick and thin, the highs and lows, the good and bad.  I love you kids (and daddy) more than I could ever put into words!!

Meanwhile, back at the barracks, showcasing your resilience and empathy, you kids didn’t really miss a beat this fall and were so good for daddy.  The Sheriff is loving 1st Grade with Mrs. D, working on those reading and math skills and loving her friends – little socialite that she is!  Never shy or intimidated, she has confidence and a passion for fun and friendship, and also enjoys her “alone time” and of course her TV time!  Likewise, our favorite little funny 4 year old is really growing, both physically and emotionally.  The fits can be fewer in number these days, but the wit is still strong as ever, as is the continued desire for dresses and sparkles and princesses.  There is a glimmer in her eye with her silly goofy spirit that makes you want to bottle up 4 and hold onto it forever.  She too loves her friends, and plays hard at school and has stolen her Dino teachers’ hearts too.

You girls both rocked your sports – the sheriff loved Newton girls soccer for the first season, and the Deputy literally ran circles around the boys and girls alike at Garden City soccer. So fun to watch all around!

And just this weekend (12/17), both girls passed Mommy’s deep end test at the Marriott all by themselves swimming from side to side solo.

The Captain graduated from speech and finally started making us laugh with his silly phrases – “and me?” cuz he always thinks we will leave him behind. “Alexa, play fireman sam sheem song.”  “wiper towels.” He’s finally potty trained and is obsessed with Daniel Tiger.  His dance moves are similar to his father’s and will certainly leave his girlfriends in hysterics someday!

Gearing up for a fun Christmas season and then onto 2018. Thank God…xoxo

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