You Bet Your Bat Tails…

The Captain is a terrible plane passenger.  Just saying.  I apologize profusely to the nice people in “A Little More Room” or whatever that legroom JetBlue add-on is called that we get when we jam scam the airline with Joker’s superstar flying status.  The Captain had an epic meltdown just after take off, over what, I’m not sure, could have been the 1.5 hour delay at dinner time (??), not to mention the fit in the airport bathroom because he didn’t get to flush the toilet (gasp, Ace did it for him) which ends with him refusing to get up from the flu-infested bathroom floor.  Gross.  Thank god the Deputy had Purell in her unicorn sparkle backpack, for whatever that is worth.  Probably better off without the stuff, some say.  Ace says – everything in moderation.

Back on the plane, Steward tried to stop the bleeding with Cheez it and apple juice, after Ace’s snacks failed not withstanding consumption.  The Captain’s response “I don’t want his snacks.  Bring them back.”  Thank god for Joker’s I-pad genius (though it was sort of part of the meltdown problem) but once the calm set in, the situation was a thing of beauty. That Joker. The Cloud Computing Evangelist im lucky to call my husband.

Well, it’s been a hell of a few months.  After a busy family Christmas filled with doll carriages, fire trucks, Cosmo, and rock collections, the “fun” at the 208 continued in January when Joker said good bye to his big piggy — it didn’t come home from market.  All the better piggy.  See ya later.  We are moving on to Cincinatti or whatever that saying is.  So far, the winter of 2018 has been lots of elevation, crutching around, scooting about, acceptance, perspective and resilience, a fun basketball team (Go Wizards!),  a new plow guy (may need a second mortgage now), instacart groceries and of course Ace’s home cooking.  Oh and lots of wine.  Can’t forget the wine.  Only water for Joker, can you believe it??

But the brightest spot of 2018 so far has to be the Deputy’s simply magical 5th birthday party with her ACNS friends and Queen Elsa and oh, don’t forget the amazing, way too big but totally yummy birthday cake…with rock candy!  Elsa was so entertaining and our first friend party at home was simply delightful.  We also had a fun-filled, quick trip to DI to visit Babs and Achoo before they left for FLA – so grateful for that slice of heaven at DI.  God’s Country as Pat Carter would say.  Ice skating and pancakes and fun with Flat Stanley – doesn’t get much better than that!

The girls family party this year was simply delightful this year too — Shopkins theme, good company and great gifts, esp the Legos for the Sheriff and the Ice castle for the Deputy, not to mention the fishies and fish tanks from Babci and Dziadz!  Oy! Family swim, cousin sleepover, followed by family breakfast with the Sherrys.  Never a dull moment.

The Sheriff had her first friend sleepover recently too — such a big girl and always ready to try new things.  She loves her winter camp, isn’t afraid to try new things with new friends, is doing sooooo well with her reading progress, and tries so hard.  I just love that about her.

Now the troops are ATL bound to hang with Team $.  Looking forward to some much needed Auntie-cousin time too.  We can’t wait for them to move home!  But for now, we will sit back and enjoy the ride and pray for no more meltdowns or I-pad mishaps….

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