Operation Exhale

It seems as if the only time I have to write in this blog is on airplane flights to ATL.  Well folks, that is going to change because I really don’t intend to be going back there any time soon after this weekend.  Operation Exhale is in full swing and the Dollar crew is heading north for good!!  For a good life with lots of happy memories with family.  In beautiful New England.  The way life should be.  Woo hoo!!  But don’t worry avid readers of  There’s a New Sheriff in Town, I’ll still keep up with documenting the lives of the Sheriff, Deputy and Captain on this site.  So one day when I’m in the old folks home, I’ll have something to read and make me happy.  And maybe they’ll read it too and know from these words how much their mom and dad loved them, and how much we strove to give them a life filled with happiness, joy, love, justice, and FUN!

So, what hasn’t been going on these past few months?  In March, after another successful birthday party for the Sheriff at Launch, the kiddos got up on skis for the first time at Bretton Woods.  A little pricey but we had the best family getaway weekend with the Youngs there.  Ace skiied with the girls, and Joker and Uncle Rick enjoyed libations at the Mount Washington Hotel.  A new tradition for March, for sure.  Not to mention Ace’s annual ski trip to Mount Snow over St Pat’s where she actually kept up with the Bowdoin girls on the slopes.  Things are on the up and up.

The roller coaster of life continued in April and Ace was pretty much handed a new job, sort of out of the blue.  Nothwithstanding some corporate grumpiness on Ace’s part, never did she think she’d leave TJX (and who knows what will happen in the future) but for now, the job at Clarks feels really good.  Asst. General Counsel with a lot of autonomy.  She’s  arrived.

Mexico was amazing.  Pool, drinks, cervasas, maybe some food.  Repeat.  Mommy and daddy needed that.  A lot.

Newport again was amazing.  Rooftop drinks.  Seaside dinner.  Castle hill brunch.  You have to be good to yourself.  Looking forward to sharing our favorite town with the kiddos this summer.  They are most excited about the toy store! We will take it.

It’s the middle of June and we are so ready for summer.  The JX has a new roof rack and we soon will be On the Road Again.  Driving around New England in the summer — wouldn’t have it any other way.  Except if we didn’t have to work and could just park our butts on the beach all summer long.  Well, there is always the lottery.

Sheriff worked so so hard this year to master her reading level. We are so proud of her!  And we look forward to figuring out ways to keeping her reading this summer…with minimal groaning.  Wish us luck!  Meanwhile she loves math and can be caught doing math problems all over the house. It’s pretty neat.  She’s loved playing softball with Ace and friends this spring and she can really whack the ball.  The WASC show last night was amazing.  She has so much zest for life and will try anything.  It’s one of her best qualities.

The Deputy is so ready for Kindergarten – writing words, reading letters, and riding her new big girl bike like a pro.  Her ACNS graduation was simply the sweetest.  We couldn’t ask for a better preschool and teachers.  Love love that place…and if her acting career ever takes off we can thank them for her first TV appearance on Channel 5’s eyeopener!  The Deputy also had some good competition on the soccer field this spring.  Still has that aggressive gene and isn’t afraid to throw some elbows…I wonder where she gets it from??

Did I mention the lice?  That was awful this spring and we better not ever ever ever go through that again.  But, we survived.  A drop in the bucket comparatively.

And the Captain has been a real hoot this season.  Talking up a storm, still the most stubborn Polack of the group, and such a little joker.  A real character as Dziadziu says.  He’s certainly his father’s son with his big personality and handsome looks, and simply adores his daddy.  He’s always good for some sweet hugs and kisses for Mama, his head generally jams into our backs at 4am, and he’s never without mystery bumps and bruises all over.  Of course he now has mastered riding a two wheeler with training wheels.  Watch out Auburndale.  He’s fearless and some may say borderline reckless!  Unrelatedly, his favorite line lately — “That’s weird.”

Well, that’s all for now.  Time to shut down.  Landing soon in ATL.  Time to start the next chapter…


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