Goodbye Naggie, Hello Annabelle!

Goodbye Naggie, Hello Annabelle

Time really does fly.  I can hardly keep up with these blog posts anymore.  Anytime I have a few minutes on a plane, I update this space.  It’s off to St John for a girl’s trip this time, thanks to Joker for being so gracious and giving up his spot so the mamas can have some fun. Girls just wanna have fun!  Words to live by, ladies. 

Leaving on this trip leaves me excited for travel with the kiddos.  We are almost there – the Captain is becoming slightly more rational these days, though he did crawl out of Star Market on all fours recently after melting down over cut squash “That’s not squash Mama!!”  But we are getting there.  Well, except that he calls Ace “Barbie” now in rebellion when he doesn’t get his way.  Not RBG, or Susan B. Anthony, or Gloria Steinem, no Barbie.  Ok, kid, you are one stubborn Pollack, and really know how to push my buttons!! 😊  But you’re damn cute and witty, I’d do anything for you, and your sisters. 

I promised the girls we’d do a Disney cruise together someday while the boys do a baseball trip.  It’s safe to assume that the Joker can’t fit on most cruise ships and has no interest in them, so we’ll leave that one for the girls.  And then I promised a family trip to St John (read, like every year!) and trips to Europe with them when they are older, Costa Rica, Panama, Australia.   Here’s to more and more adventures with them.  But for now it’s Disney in April and a roadtrip to DC this winter.  Pretty standard stuff but it makes them happy and that’s all that matters. 

So the holidays were amazing.  Thanksgiving in Webster with Team Sherry and the rest of the crew, pierogi making galore, a trip to Maine for Christmas eve with some ice skating in Kennebunk, quality time with the Germans and the $$$, plenty of fun with the Ultimate Barbie Dream House (there’s that word again), surf boards, a big red firetruck, a giant LOL surprise, a doll crib, and more.  It’s fair to say that Santa knocked it out of the park, and some special Christmas memories were made.  New Years Eve at Youngs, epic meltdown and car ride with the Captain at about 11pm, New Years day and Ace’s big day at the Schultzs. 

In between we moved out of the barracks to the Westwood Street condo to start Project Renovation.  Bring back the 90s!  The girls love their 3rd floor set up and Ace is embracing the cardboard box decorating motif.  Joker did an outstanding job (per usual) with orchestrating the move and relocation to West Newton, and we are all enjoying watching the demolition at the barracks.  A fun little way to mix it up for 6 months, living with 6 plates, 3 bowls, kids place mats only, and no can opener, spend some cash, and remake our amazing home where we will raise these kiddos. 

So, Joker no longer calls the Sheriff Naggie.  He’s finally mastered her real name.  Bye bye Naggie – we had a good run.  And we have a new fairy in the house – Annabelle — the tooth fairy for the Deputy!  One of the names Ace liked for the Deputy but the Joker couldn’t spell.  The Deputy lost her first tooth at the dentist office nonetheless.  Cold hard cash of $10 each.  Thanks Joker! Ace always gets nervous on those tooth fairy nights…

So for now we are West Newtonites, playing basketball on the weekends, CCD for the Sheriff, girl scout cookie selling.  All good stuff for the winter of 2019.

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