A Lucky Day 3/2/2011

Ace and Joker are extraordinarily happy to announce the Sheriff’s arrival in town!!  A couple weeks late but that is OK.  She made it here with a little help from her friends in the pharmaceutical industry, to whom Ace is very grateful.

The Sheriff is a very cute little deputy — weighing in at 8 pounds 9 ounces with a nice full head of hair and chubby cheeks.  She already has assumed her duties and has completely taken over Ace and Joker’s hearts.

Here are a couple pictures from her birthday.

Bags are packed and ready to go...

Late night ride to Newton, how many hospitals have we passed?

Ace ready to give birth, Joker by her side!

The whiteboard, nurse Barbara was the best! and she's married to a polish guy!

The Sheriff is here - 8lbs 9oz

Look at me smile 🙂

Ace and the Sheriff

Doesn't Joker look good and scrubs? The Sheriff is pretty cute too!

Ace holding her baby girl

The Sheriff and her dad...they make a good team!

The Sheriff reports that she thinks that Ace and Joker are nice so far, they haven’t dropped her, and she is ready to be spoiled by her grandparents — Babci and Dzia (aka the Coach) and Babs and Grandpa (aka Ken Tomko)!  The Sheriff wants to give a shout out to the amazing doctors and nurses at NWH for their great care today.  She can’t wait to get settled into the Southie barracks with Ace and Joker, and will report frequently on the family blog.

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